By on November 15, 2012

An experiment conducted in London shows that the new MINI is the world’s strongest babe-magnet. This 2012 MINI attracted 28 very skinny and flexible ladies.

The 2012 MINI out-attracted the classic Mini by 5 ladies. The old MINI attracted only 23 ladies. Both are new Guinness World Records™ .

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9 Comments on “Experiment Shows: Mini Most Powerful Babe-Magnet...”

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    el scotto

    Looks like my average Tesco run ;)

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    Funny! I own a Mini, and its always just me commuting by myself, except Friday and Saturday nights, when it looks like this.

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    Here is Eugene, most of the Mini are driven my middle aged spinsters!

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    Just one strategic fart would wreak devastation…

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    They need to do this in Thailand or South China where there are many women under 5 feet tall.

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    I know a young guy who inherited his grandmother’s 2003 Park Avenue in mint condition. He always has a bevy of young ladies who love the room and ride in big cars. He takes full advantage of the column shift and bench front seat. With everything being downsized, big is going to be a status symbol. The kid is going to be a dirty old man, though. He has a double rear view mirror, one facing the back seat, and he tells the ladies “there’s so much room you can cross your legs!”

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      GM cars look big from the outside, but are really small from the inside. A new Camry would soundly beat a Crown Vic. I am not 100% sure about the 2003 Park Ave, but chances are that an Avalon would beat it.

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        All three have comparable rear hip and shoulder room, but the Buick has the most rear leg room. The Avalon is virtually identical in rear seat room to the Crown Vic. It may just seem bigger because it’s in a relatively smaller package. The comparison is to what the ladies are used to, which is usually much smaller rear seats.

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    I can attest to the ladies loving MINIs. I get a lot more staring and comments from girls when I’m in my Countryman than I did in the past two months that I’ve been driving around a Benz, BMW and Audi.

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