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A few days ago, reader Willman was banned for making rude comments in violation of TTAC’s  commenting policy. Willman is back.

He is back, because in a private message to Shaikh Jalal Ahmad, Willman “apologized and gave a bit of human context for the particular state he was in during posting, all of which I very much appreciated. “ Willman most of all is back, because Shaikh asked for it.

Please read TTAC’s  commenting policy. It is quite simple: Readers can say anything , as long as they say it nicely. Attacks, name calling etc. are not allowed.

You can say:: “[INSERT NAME OF CAR COMPANY HERE] makes the worst cars on earth.”

You cannot say: “You dickhead, [INSERT NAME OF CAR COMPANY HERE] makes the worst cars on earth.”

You can say: “Get it?”  You cannot say: “Get it, asshole?”

As simple as this rule may be, some still seem to misunderstand it. All we ask for at TTAC is that discussions are conducted in a civilized way. People who  think that their rights to free speech are abridged if they are asked to expand their vocabulary beyond four letter words, should better use a different forum.

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25 Comments on “Willman Released From Purgatory...”

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    Despite the fact I can see her breasts, I was never attracted to Sonya on any level. I’d rather sandwich myself between SINDEL and KITANA.

    Never liked Wonder Woman either.

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    …i’m glad to learn that editorial reason ultimately prevailed: this incident had left me soured on [i]the truth about cars[/i] as a whole, enough so to have diminished my readership in the interim…

    …i respect the site’s content in general, but willman made a fair point regarding the emperor’s new clothes in the [i]suspension truths[/i] series, and no more vehemently nor irreverently than any given baruth piece…to be honest, i had come away with the same vacuous impression and believe it was appropriate for someone to call shaikh out on it…

    …hopefully [i]all[/i] the parties involved – commentariat, authorship, and editorial – come away from this incident a little less hot-headed and having learned something mutually beneficial to the ongoing quality of the site…

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    So much violence in that video and no sex. This makes me sad.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Welcome back to the dinner party Willman, although I have to say the food has grown a little stale.

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    Speaking as somebody very recently destroyed by a few folks, and family at that, I am happy of one very important thing….a personal apology and forgiveness.
    It’s not like we as little more than struggling monkeys cannot error due to the powerful genetic and chemical compounding that makes us these delicate creatures have very true control of our mouths or thoughts. At times we are slaves to our makeup.
    But what separate us from our pets is the mind and the ability to reason. And being able to revisit our actions and realize our errors and the MAN UP, to forgive and ask for forgiveness…THAT is what makes me happiest about this situation.
    One examined and asked for forgiveness…and one received, understood and forgave.
    A very positive sign for our kind….good jog all.

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    I’ve played every single one of those games.

    It gets old after a while. I prefer GTAIV since you can’t chop heads off, etc.

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    I missed the initial dustup but I read the following comments with relish as this is a very diverse group , full of wisdom and wit , I may be a Geezer but I’m still learning and I never fail to learn a new thing every time I’m here .

    Carry on then Gentlemen .


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    Felis Concolor

    Here’s your ostraka; welcome back.

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    Who cares about Willman

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    I guess in the end Willman is likely to be glad that someone saved his bacon.

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    Splorg McGillicuddy

    I just made a new account just because of this policy. People forget that other people actually read what they post online and say things that they’d never say to someone’s face (we’ve all done it!) I think this is refreshing.

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    I think this is a a reasonable outcome for all. Bygones be bygones, and thanks for real decorum and real discussion.

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    It’s kinda nice that you announce people are un-banned, publicly or otherwise. I’ve been banned from Jalop like… twice, now? And never know if/when I’m unbanned.

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    I can not write what I am thinking.

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    Too much violence, not enough nudity. That’s kind of what’s wrong with the country, come to think of it.

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    I’ve hesitated to comment thus far ’cause I’m a n00b,
    but I’ve got to say I was mystified that a non-profane comment which garnered much agreement would be banned in the first place.

    And when Schmitt wrote that “we are about to lose” Shaikh Jalal Ahmad, does that mean he has quit TTAC for good? Isn’t that a mite thin-skinned? Maybe ‘Shaikh’s are accorded too much deference back home.

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    Turning mundane admin annons into clicks, brilliant. Now we can just skip those silly articles about cars and discuss editorial policies and stuffs.

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    This is what makes TTAC unique and the most awesomest vehicle blog on teh interwibbles.

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    Mr Nosy

    Oh Look! Its Li’l Miss Silicon Valley…Anyways,if you need to type in shit and hit enter just to verbally abuse a complete stranger,one should realize that on craigslist,just under part-time jobs,there’s “ETC”. I say monetize simple name calling and verbal abuse skills.
    You can go on salon or yahoo (The gold standard,where you can pretend its an e-dive bar,recently renovated.)In which you typescream “Buddy!” in riposte to a snarltype “Pal!” To which you then typebellow “BUDDY!”,etc(This really happened on salon.)You finally agree to fisticuffs after coordinating mutual logistics of air mile black out dates,business trips and layover hubs.Settling things,once and for all.

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