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Volkswagen published group totals for September. They are not quite the 6.8 million rumored a few days ago, but close enough. According to Volkswagen data, groupwide sales reached  6.71 million for the first three quarters of 2012, up 9.7 percent. In September, sales were up 6.5 percent to 801,000. In China, Volkswagen pierced the 2 million barrier.

Volkswagen global group deliveries September 2012 
9M’12 9M’11 YoY Sep ’12 Sep ’11 YoY
Total 6,710,000 6,110,000 9.7% 801,000 751,900 6.5%
Europe 2,800,000 2,770,000 0.8% 330,000 340,000 -2.9%
Ger 889,900 864,400 3.0% 97,600 103,300 -5.5%
WEUR ex D 1,430,000 1,520,000 -6.0% 180,000 190,000 -5.3%
EEUR 480,000 390,100 23.1% 53,200 49,300 7.9%
China 2,000,000 1,690,000 18.5% 260,000 210,000 23.8%
USA 431,600 321,900 34.1% 51,600 36,900 39.8%
South Am 752,500 701,000 7.4% 73,900 81,400 -9.2%
Black: VW data. Blue: TTAC calculated
Including Porsche from August 1,  2012 excluding MAN and Scania

The Volkswagen Group more than made up for weak sales in Europe with continuously strong sales in China and the U.S.  Volkswagen publishes YTD data only, but according to TTAC’s tracking, groupwide sales in China were up 23.8 percent in September. For the year, Chinese sales are up 18.5 percent to 2 million units for the first nine months.

Volkswagen includes Porsche since August 2012, but excludes MAN and Scania in these data..

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