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TrueCar, Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds have submitted their sales projections for October. They agree (as far as they supply numbers) that the market should be up by more than ten percent in October, that Ford and GM will underperform, that Chrysler will continue to be strong, and that Volkswagen and Toyota will continue delivering stellar growth numbers.

Unit Sales Projection, October 2012
TrueCar Kelley Edmunds
Manufacturer Oct’12 YoY Oct’12 YoY Oct’12 YoY
Chrysler 131,496 14.80% 133,340 16.40% 129,266 13.00%
Ford 176,408 5.30% 172,890 3.20% 173,876 3.50%
GM 200,517 7.30% 203,400 8.80% 195,592 4.70%
Honda 112,020 13.90% 115,000 16.90% 115,697 17.70%
Hyundai/Kia 102,445 13.70% 100,000 11.00% - -
Nissan 86,114 4.60% 91,000 10.50% 87,219 6.50%
Toyota 163,492 22.00% 169,500 26.40% 167,064 24.60%
Volkswagen 47,857 25.10% 49,720 30.00% - -
Industry 1,137,744 11.50% 1,130,000 10.70% 1,132,878 11.10%

En detail,  the forecasters’ views differ slightly, or sometimes (such as with Nissan) more than slightly. Edmunds is taking a dimmer view of GM.

Market Share Projection, October 2012
TrueCar Kelley Edmunds
Manufacturer Oct’12 Oct’11 Oct’12 Oct’11 Oct’12 Oct’11
Chrysler 11.60% 11.20% 11.80% 11.20% 11.40% 11.20%
Ford 15.50% 16.40% 15.30% 16.40% 15.30% 16.50%
GM 17.60% 18.30% 18.00% 18.30% 17.30% 18.30%
Honda 9.80% 9.60% 10.20% 9.60% 10.20% 9.60%
Hyundai/Kia 9.00% 8.80% 8.80% 8.80% - -
Nissan 7.60% 8.10% 8.10% 8.10% 7.70% 8.00%
Toyota 14.40% 13.10% 15.00% 13.10% 14.70% 13.10%
Volkswagen 4.20% 3.70% 4.40% 3.70% - -

At the market share front, Chrysler is seen adding slightly to its share, Ford and GM are expected to lose, Volkswagen and Toyota are projected to gain.

Disclainmer: These are forecasts, the end results will be different.

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6 Comments on “October Sales Projected To Be Up More than 10 Percent...”

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    Thank god we are not europe.

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    How is subaru doing? I remember that during the car-pocalypse they were growing, as well as Hyundai and KIA. now the Koreans are basically treading water…..

    also, any word on mazda?

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    Bertel, any thoughts on what these numbers would be if they were normalized to remove the impact of the tsunami?

    • 0 avatar

      Hard to remove impact of recalls, tsunami and floods but growing trend for Japanese, opposite for GM/Ford. Both Honda and Toyota will have a lot of new models in 2013 and fresh lineup, so probably will continue that way.

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    Those who said ‘Honda has lost it’ will eat their words.

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    I agree with Warren Buffet, watch for a huge GM resurgence. I’m starting to see new Cadillacs and they are stunning. GM has bunch of new high volume products on the way such as Silverado/Sierra, Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban/Escalade, Impala, Encore and a new compact truck.

    I also predict that the Escape will start to challenge the Camry for top seller at least until the new Cherokee comes out.

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