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“The rich are becoming richer in Brazil,” GM South American chief Jaime Ardila told Reuters, Therefore, “it’s time to start thinking about bringing Cadillac to Brazil.” The Caddys will be very expensive.  “We wouldn’t consider producing Cadillacs here, because of the low volume,” Ardilla said, but we may consider importing the brand.” Imported cars carry high customs duty, fallout of a protectionist policy in Brazil that was applauded by carmakers in Brazil, GM among them.

Competition for the small luxury market in Brazil  (47,000 last year, down this year due to the much higher taxes) will be tough:

  • BMW announced plans to build an assembly plant in Brazil. to tap into that growth. No details of the plant were disclosed, but sources said BMW plans to invest at least $395 million.
  • Daimler built cars in Brazil since 1999, but switched to commercial vehicles in 2010.
  • Honda will bring its Acura brand in 2015.
  • Lincoln will take a rain check. Ford’s global sales chief Jim Farley told Reuters that Ford has no plans to bring Lincoln to Brazil.
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9 Comments on “Brazilians Will Get (Very Expensive) Cadillacs...”

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    There are a number of independent dealers that import what is not oficially imported to Brazil, such as Mustangs, Nissan GTRs, Corvettes, Vipers and the like. GM and Ford full-size trucks are also imported in small numbers. Most of these are available in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and in stock most times.

    And they sell Camaros cheaper than GM does in their own dealerships.

    Do you know how many Cadillacs I’ve seen showing up on those independend dealers? TBH I saw an Escalade about a year ago, but that’s it.

    They are wasting their time. Cadillacs might even fare worse here than they do in Europe.

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      Numbers will be very small for sure. Building a brand takes time. I think most casual car buyers wouldn’t know what a Cadillac is though fans surely do. Problem is endinheirado fans usually buy BMW or Audi. They could do a trick though. They could launch the new Corvette as a Caddy. Generate a buzz. Cheap trick but it get all the press talking.

      In BH, except for a classic Eldorado or two, I’ve never seen a Caddy on the streets. I’ve seen Corvettes. I’ve seen Camaros, Challengers and Mustangs. I’ve even seen a Lincoln LS and 3 or 4 Navigators. There’s a market for American cars in Brazil. I think, however, that those who like them are usually not so rich as those who buy Euro-lux. You and I both know that the Brazilian elite is Euro-phile. So, if Caddies are priced unobtanium, they’ll have a rough time. Think the almost zero sales of Lexus…

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        Exactly, why buy a ‘Cadillac’ in Brazil when you can have the original German model it was copied from for the same, if not less money? Now if Cadillac offered more unique models it might have a chance, but I won’t hold my breath.

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        Because it’s different and you could stand out? Because you could enjoy the unique styling? Because you don’t want to be like everybody elsein your peer group? Because you like rougher and louder v8s? Because you want to draw attentin to yourself?

        See, plenty of reasons. Being different is ok. Just for that I’ll applaud the first Cadillac owner I see driving around in my hometown.

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        Good point, in Brazil such a thing stands out much more than here. Personally for the same money here or south of the Equator I’ll take the Europhile over the imitator. Now if the long term plan is to offer some more traditional models, that would be sorely tempting.

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    Polar Bear

    What is the red one in the photo? A 1956?

    You can be seen in a Eisenhower-era Cadillac in Europe and get nods and approving smiles. Enough said.

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    So this “new standard of the world” thing is a bloody lie?

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    IIRC, that’s a ’54 Eldo.

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    Acura to start ops in Brazil in 2015, eh?

    I guess id better learn Portugese, I think I just found a ‘Plan B’…..

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