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In the olden days, when a Bentley was a rebadged Rolls Royce (or vice versa), it was easy to mistake one for the other. Bentley cleverly leveraged its “smart shopper” image into sales that were an order of magnitude higher than those of Rolls. Ever since Volkswagen forgot to check the trademark files, and subsequently lost Rolls to BMW while keeping Bentley (to still much bigger success), those days are over, and the respective overlords in Wolfsburg and Munich get alarmed if there is any confusion. The news still haven’t reached Indonesia, or so it seems.

The Indonesian Kompas newspaper reported about “exploding sales” of Rolls Royce in Asia. And then, the Jakarta paper that prides itself of its “high-quality writing and investigative journalism” showed a picture of the Bentley Mulsanne, surrounded by eight gold-lamed and well-heeled Asian beauties.

The translated caption says “Rolls-Royce surrounded by pretty girls.” Half true at best. While the pictured presumptive Rolls definitely is a Bentley, we hope that all the girls are in fact girls. The story is datelined Bangkok, Thailand, can’t be careful enough.

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