By on September 10, 2012

In a devastating blow to fans of contrived displays of ecological sensitivity and ostentatious displays of consumption, Range Rover will apparently not sell their diesel-powered Range Rover Hybrid from the American market.

Despite the seeming slam dunk Range Rover has on their hands (really now, every single celebrity in Southern California would be driving one), it’s not as cut and dried as it would seem. America’s diesel emissions regulations make the diesel Range Rovers unsaleable in the United States due to the cost of homologating the powertrains. The unpopularity of diesels doesn’t help much either.

Americans will get the familiar 5.0L V8 in either naturally aspirated or supercharged versions. Automobile Magazine claims that Jaguar’s new supercharged V6 could be a fixture as well sometime down the road. Hopefully, Jaguar will find a way to bring the diesel engine and 1.7 kWh battery pack into one of their cars as well.

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5 Comments on “Range Rover Hybrid Withheld From American Nouveau Riche...”

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    Last week there was considerable trashing of the Cadillac Escalade occurring here on TTAC. Presented above is a perfect example of a vehicle that is even more useless and a lot less reliable. Have at it boys & girls….

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      I have to admit, I have a soft spot for these landrovers. They may be less understated than the first generation, but somehow the flashiness works without looking too trashy. But what do I know – I also have an irrational soft spot for the old Mercedes G class.

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      The difference is that one of the two aforementioned vehicles is actually good off road as long as you change out the rubber for something more off-road appropriate. They also have those lovely Jaguar V8s…

      The other has a road tuned AWD system, horrible departure, break and approach angles, no height adjustable suspension (except for load leveling) and is based on a vehicle which can be purchased with real 4wd for about $20k less.

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        el scotto

        I got to drive a mil-spec G-wagon while the Germans drove our Humvee. Streams were crossed, mud was flung, hills were climbed. Good enough for us who tote rucksacks and rifles. Vehicles were cleaned and the cookout commenced.

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    el scotto 3.0 V6 diesel and an electric motor. I don’t understand all the specs. Will they run in it the Paris-Dakar rally or some other test of four-wheel drive vehicles?

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