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  • “Perhaps no story will get more play than the third-quarter earnings report General Motors has now scheduled for October 31, less than a week before the election. Could this prove to be the sort of October Surprise that has sank or resurrected so many presidential bids in the past?”
  • “GM executives are pushing Opel for a definitive agreement to close Opel’s Bochum plant. According to the Wall Street Journal, GM “would like to be able to announce the plan before or along with its third-quarter earnings, which are expected to be disclosed Oct. 31.”
  • “GM said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission it aimed to sign agreements with Peugeot on product- development, vehicle-supply and powertrain-supply plans by the end of October.
  • “Kevin Wale, 57, who has led the Asian operations since 2005, will step down October 31, the company said in a statement on Wednesday. He’ll be replaced by Bob Socia, 58, who is now head of global purchasing for GM. Socia will start work in China on October 1.”
  • “New Delhi: General Motors India Pvt. Ltd will raise the prices of all its models from 1 October.
  • “This October’s events include employee- and dealership-sponsored fund-raising walks; a Chevrolet Certified Service matching rebate contribution program; appearances by a specially themed pink Camaro SS pace car and USAC National Midget Car; and test-drive contributions at selected Southern Women’s Shows. Additional Chevrolet activities will be announced in October.”

And what’s your October surprise?

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17 Comments on “GM’s Hunt For The Blue October...”

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    While I am aware that auto industry is closely connected to politics, there are too many poliitical posts like this one. It must be the third time I’ve read on this site how GM tries to influence US elections, including in the previous post!
    I really like TTAC so please don’t ruin it by distributing political propaganda.

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      I don’t understand why stories you don’t want to see should somehow ruin TTAC. There is a wide range of interests among the readership, and while it might be really neat for a few readers if every story was one they found totally relevant to themselves, that would mean many others were not getting stories which they enjoy.

      The best way to display lack of interest is to not click. Lack of interest is what will change editorial behavior.

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        Per the FAQ

        “No ‘what not to write’ requests: We appreciate suggestions of what to cover, we do not appreciate suggestions of what not to write and to ignore. The decision of what to select as TTAC content is solely that of TTAC editors.”

        Refrain from this in the future

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        Refrain from criticizing our choice of subjects? Bit touchy?

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        I would be fascinated with an explanation of why anyone should think that calling for such censorship of subject matter is anything positive. This isn’t the old days of limited bandwidth network tv where a zero sum argument had a tiny bit of merit.

        This is the Internet. Change your outlook. Live and let read!

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      The election will likely be determined by the middle undecided few. Like occasional baseball fans, they don’t pay attention until October. GM’s out-of-synch week before the election earnings report is newsworthy.

      I think it will be positive, rosy even. Then, like the unemployment figures for the past 40 months, it will be revised a couple of weeks later, and reflect a grimmer reality. But hey, I’m just a cynic.

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        You might have more of a point if the unemployment figures were always revised upwards. It looks like the figures are revised both upwards and downwards – hardly a conspiracy.
        As for the Q3 results, they are usually in early November. So probably would have been before the election. So what does it matter being on 31st October?

        Derek – I won’t speak for b787, and I don`t have an issue with what topics are chosen (or not chosen). I just find some of the unnecessary GM specific snark (when they are not even the object of the article) to be tiring. But this is the internet and we read what we want. I just wanted you to know where some of the criticism is likely to be coming from.

        Examples from the last 2 days :

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        sunridge place

        @chuckrs and others….

        GM released 2012 Q2 earnings on August 2nd.
        GM released 2012 Q1 earnings on May 3rd.

        How is releasing them on Oct 31st more than a day or two off from what they have done all year?

        They typically release them about 30 days after the end of the quarter.

        Should they release them on Saturday November 3rd to satisfy you? Would that make it better? Does anyone look at a frickin’ calendar?

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      This site definitely has a voice that’s easy to recognize.

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    Raising the price of a Chevy in India and fund-raising walk participation is just the kind of heavy voter influence that could threaten our nation.

    Fear not, however. This swings both ways. I have heard from a solid source that Victor Muller will endorse Mitt Romney Nov 1st.

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    LBJs Love Child

    I understand that if Romney wins in November, he will have General Motors renamed “American Motors.”

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      The Buick LaCrosse will be renamed the Ambassador, while the Chevrolet Sonic, Cruze and Malibu will be renamed the American, Hornet and Rebel, respectively.

      The next Chevrolet will be a bubble-shaped car that’s almost as wide as it is long, with a passenger-side door four inches longer than the driver-side side door.

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    I doubt the GM issue will sway many votes. The dems smartly framed the issue such that anyone wanting not to save GM was evil. The idea that saving the way they did it is going to spread the disease to more families and generations just doesn’t sell well.

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    Obama win in November is a foregone conclusion. He is leading in most states. There is no chance for Romney to win. As it was said before more than half of population depends on or wants Government support. I do not know how GM’s report matters in this environment.

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