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Kudos to Ferrari for having the audacity to show off their carbon fiber monocoque like it was a new vehicle introduction – which it sort of is, for their new supercar. The big news here is that they’ve confirmed it will be a hybrid, packing a 804 horsepower V12 gasoline motor and a 90 kW electric motor.

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    Spanish Inquisition

    800 hp V12? Unless that’s turbocharged (likely? Not likely?), is that going to be the world’s highest output production NA V12? What’re the chances its a new engine, stroked version of the current V12, or the exact same engine?

    I thought it was pretty cool they were squeezing out over 100 hp/L in the 6.3L V12 already (740 PS in the Berlinetta, according to Wikipedia).

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    If they match the 458 Italia’s specific output, the 6.3 would crank out 787 hp, so if they can either beat that by a little or do a slight bump in displacement, 800 shouldn’t be a challenge. I don’t remember where I saw it but last I had heard this was not going to be turbo. If they do bump the displacement, it’ll be interesting to see how big they go. Somewhat random trivia but the biggest engine Ferrari ever made or put in a car was the 6.9 liter V-12 in the 712 Can-Am car. Kudo’s to Ferrari for honoring tradition and sticking with the NA V-12 instead of taking the Mclaren route.

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