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Subaru has never taken many liberties with the design of their small SUV – while the B9 Tribeca’s design arguably cemented this site’s reputation as the auto media’s demon side, the Forester stuck to a very consistent formula. And that’s not changing any time soon.

The brochure scan above purports to show the redesigned 2014 Forester, and the design cues are uncannily Impreza-esque. Carscoop reports that we’ll get a 2.5L Boxer without forced induction, making around 174 horsepower. Don’t get too excited about the 2.0XT model – not only is it not for North American consumption, but it will only come with a CVT gearbox.

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19 Comments on “2014 Subaru Forester Leaked...”

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    It may have leaked but hopefully it does not leak as badly as our 1999 Forester. We call it the deforester.

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    I wonder if Subaru will still import these and the Impreza from Japan for the 2014.

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      With the Yen the way it is, and hints that there is a new vehicle that is going to be assembled at the plant in Indiana, it may just be made alongside the Outback

      Can’t remember if links work here or not.

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    I just hope new WRX doesn’t look similar to this. It would very disappointing.

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    What’s the point of this AND the Impreza XV thing? Other than the orange color.

    Who is the idiot inside Subaru in charge of alloy wheel design these days? These and the ones on the XV are fugly.

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      The bigger engine is definitely an upgrade. I’ve driven the current Impreza and the 2.0 doesn’t have enough grunt for my tastes. The current Forester offers a little more passenger space than the XV and about 10 cubic feet more cargo space. It’s pure guestimation, but the one pictured looks like it may even be a bit larger than the current model so there are some differences.

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      I like the wheels on the new XV. I think they look cool and can’t wait to get my new XV in three weeks.

      Back to the Forester: The silver sport-ish model looks great!

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      It’s Japanese. That’s the deal with the wheels. Go check out pictures of Japanese Kei cars sometime to understand where they are coming from. Japanese taste is very different. Even when they make something decent looking its from copying German/American cars. When left to their own design – they are very practical and from our point of view ugly – with bits of flashy thrown in.

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    Thank God. I was afraid Subaru was going to fall victim to the “OMG, lets make ALL the previously-semi-useful-CUVs so uselessly curvy and stylish that you can’t see anything out the rear, sides, or most of the front!” trend. But nope, should’ve known…windows are low, and its mostly open and straight all the way to the back. Perfect.

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      +1. I’m not wild about the interior on the current Forester (too much “metallic” plastic), but I have to respect Subaru for preserving the tall windshield, tall windows, nearly flat roof, shallow instrument panel, etc.

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    The new Forester – pretty much the same as the old Forester, which was pretty the same as the one before that.

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      I respectfully disagree; the current model (’09-’12) is not very much like the 12 years of proper Foresters that preceded it. The ’97-’08 cars, however, were all much like each other with regard to exterior dimensions, weight, and general Subaru-ness. We’ve owned an ’06 5-speed, base-engine (173 hp) Forester with premium package (sunroof, alloys, etc.) for 2 years, and it is much more fun to drive than the too-tall current model, which I had as a dealer loaner for a day last year. Also, the interior quality of our car is noticeably better than the current one. And foglights are now optional (and the blanks are hideous), whereas they’d been standard equipment for ’97-’08.

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        Agree with the latest Forrester. We were deciding between an 08 Outback and Forrester and the Outback had noticeably better build and materials quality.

        Fast forward to the 2010 Forrester bought by a family member, and the experience was night and day. It’s a very well-built car and drives quite nicely for a vehicle in its class. The oversized moonroof is especially nice for long trips. Not to mention the simplistic lines for this new gen – in a VW sort of way – is appealing and will probably not age quickly.

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    Dresden Slade

    I’m glad that America’s getting the 2.5, wish we’d get the turbo. I’ve got a 2003 Fozzer, and I love it, but the 2.5 really could use a bit more power. I’m really not sure a 2.0 would do the car justice.

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    The 2010 Forester has a nice clean design – is easy to see out of – and with the XT turbo engine is fairly fast. I believe it was clocked at 0 to 60 in about 6.8 seconds. That beats the RAV-4 (with V-6) and CRV – and is a very noticeable difference when driving. Hope they provide a strong turbo engine as an option with the new vehicle. Not into these vehicles if they are slow – they just are so much better when they can accelerate well in traffic, merge quickly etc. For some of us the fuel economy is not the major factor in the purchase. It is how the vehicle drives. Sadly, I have noticed that the local dealerships carry very few of the XT turbo models – almost rare. And Subaru does not actively promote the XT version – perhaps due to CAFE concerns.

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    Is the brochure itself all curvy wavy distorted, or was it simply not laid flat on the old scanner? Did Subaru design it that way on porpoise?

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    In that pic the new Forester looks like an old Caliber, but, so does the XV/Impreza 5 door.

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    Subaru design: ‘Let’s make cars that would have looked good (interesting) in our home market 10 years ago’

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    SO it looks like they’re just taking a Legacy and increasing the vertical proportions by 30% in Photoshop. It’s built on the same architecture, correct?

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