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A while ago I gave you the Top 100 best-selling models around the globe over the first Quarter of 2012. And you liked it. A lot. I know because you told me. As you know progress never stops, which is why this time I give you… the Top 150 best-sellers worldwide for June 2012.

Update: You can now also check out the Top 120 best-selling models worldwide over the first 6 months 2012 here.

Yes you have read correctly.

Who in his right mind would have ventured such an epic exploration of the varied car tastes in the entire world?

Your favorite car sales nerd, me.

If you had enough of all this worldwide grandiloquence, that’s ok because you can visit 168 countries and territories in my blog, one by one, to figure out which models sell best in each of them. Another crazy thing I do…

Back to the world.

And the nagging question comes back again: has the Focus beaten the Corolla yet?

In a word: no.

Well maybe.

The new gen Corolla should help the nameplate stay #1 in the world in 2012

Compared to last month and the 2012 year-to-date ranking, the Top 3 most popular models in the world are unchanged in June: the Toyota Corolla leads the way again with 103,270 sales, however, this figure now includes 3 generations of the model with the 11th generation (pictured above) just launched in Japan, Matrix and Auris/Blade sales, only because these are not split in most countries.

The Ford Focus comes 2nd with 94,251 units, most of them the last generation now available worldwide. So you might want to claim (hear me Ford) that the Focus is the best-selling single generation model worldwide… The VW Jetta rounds up the podium again with 88,592 sales, including a plethora of different generations sold around the world, from the 1984 2nd generation still on sale in China (albeit heavily facelifted) to the 6th generation already on North American and European roads.

The VW Golf is up one spot to #4 in spite of dreadful economic conditions in Western Europe, and the Nissan Sunny/Tiida/Versa (depending on which country it is sold in) is the big mover this month in the worldwide Top 10, going from #12 in May to #5 with 67,731 sales, just above the Ford Fiesta (+2).

The Ford F-Series is down one spot on May to a still excellent 7th place with 67,223 sales, well above the 12th position it held over the first quarter of 2012. The Chevrolet Cruze is up to #8 and confirms it is now General Motors’ best-seller worldwide by far.

After an excellent month of May spent in 4th position to Toyota Camry marks a pause at #9 while the VW Passat, stable at #10, completes the Worldwide Top 10 in June.

Notice the Toyota Hilux up to #13 thanks to record sales in Australia and the Middle East and the Honda Accord up to #20 in spite of its old age.

The Ford Escape and Kuga now have their sales combined as the new generation is the same model across both nameplates and shoots up to #27 this month with 38,765 sales, while the Hyundai Tucson/ix35 is up to #30 vs. #48 over the first Quarter.

The Chevrolet Malibu is #33 (vs. #56), the BMW 3 Series #38 (vs. #47) and the Mercedes C-Class #47 (vs. #64). Further down, the Renault Duster is up to #52 (vs. #83) thanks to excellent launches in Russia and South America and the Hyundai Santa Fe is up to #65 with the new generation now on sale in South Korea.

Worldwide Top 20 best-selling models in June 2012:

Pos Model June May Q1
1 Toyota Corolla 103,270 1 1
2 Ford Focus 94,251 2 2
3 VW Jetta 88,592 3 3
4 VW Golf 72,522 5 6
5 Nissan Tiida/Versa/Sunny 67,731 12 8
6 Ford Fiesta 67,470 8 5
7 Ford F-Series 67,223 6 12
8 Chevrolet Cruze 66,779 9 7
9 Toyota Camry 64,129 4 4
10 VW Passat 62,511 10 9
11 VW Polo/Vento 61,118 11 10
12 Hyundai Elantra 58,794 7 11
13 Toyota Hilux 53,836 17 22
14 Honda CR-V 53,588 15 15
15 Honda Civic 50,818 14 17
16 Hyundai Accent 49,004 13 14
17 Opel Astra/Buick Excelle XT/GT/Verano 48,668 19 20
18 Opel/Chevrolet Corsa 47,270 20 25
19 Toyota Yaris/Vitz/Vios 45,556 26 18
20 Honda Accord 45,115 22 30

(Note for this month: Prius sales have been split between Prius, Prius c/Aqua and Prius MPV)

You can check out the entire June 2012 World Top 150 here

(NEW) You can check out the 6 months 2012 World Top 120 here

But wait I have more in store for you:

You can check out the May 2012 World Top 20 here

You can check out the Q1 2012 World Top 100 here

You can check out the Full Year 2011 World Top 100 here

This compilation has been made possible thanks to the hard work of Austin Rutherford. The source of the data is the usual source for all 80 countries covered monthly on my blog.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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9 Comments on “The Top 150 Best Selling Cars Around The Globe...”

  • avatar

    Hey Matt!
    Don’t envy you your job. It gets confusing…In Brazil, the Focus is still last generation. As it’s built in Argentina, hguess it’s last generation there, too.

    Tiida and Versa are two different cars here. Did you count them separetely?

    Anywaay, good job and thanks for the info!

  • avatar

    Blasphemy! A Ford Mustang is out-selling a Chevrolet Camaro? The horror! At least my favorite car in the world is hanging in there at no. 83…but time for Chevy to make an overdue change with the 2014s.

  • avatar

    Okay…it’s a stretch…but I’ll take #17 for my mother’s new (bought last night) Verano!

  • avatar
    el scotto

    Why are Chevrolet and GMC pickups counted separately? They’re the same trucks with different trims and the GMCs are usually sold at more upscale dealers. My ignorance of Chevy/GMC trucks is profound. Son is 5th generation Ford truck owner in the family; a wee bit of bias on my part :)

  • avatar

    There is no single “right” way to do this … do you count nameplates? (Is a Prius a Prius?) Do you combine brands? (When do you do it?) Sedans and hatchbacks? (Versa sedan is not on the same platform as Tiida hatchback? But Golf hatchback is the same platform as the Jetta sedan?) What about multiple generations?

    In the end, I don’t think it’s possible to produce a classification that everyone agrees with.

    • 0 avatar

      Hi th009,
      I agree – and I’m sharing one way to look at it…
      The Prius is split in 3
      Global rule is when it’s blatantly the same model it’s counted together even if it’s a different brand: e.g. Opel Astra with Buick Verano and Buick Excelle XT/GT.
      It gets trickier with different generations of the same nameplate, generally counted together too: e.g. the different generations of VW Jetta are counted together etc

      If you click on the Top 150 link you can see at the very bottom of the table some notes that explain which models are counted where.

      Hope this helps…

  • avatar

    Well, I helped contribute to the F-150 numbers back in June.

  • avatar

    Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know that on top of the June worldwide Top 150 I have now also been able to create a worldwide Top 120 best-selling models ranking for the first 6 months of 2012.

    You can check it out here:


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