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This morning, our man in India, Faisal, showed you renderings of the fourth generation Range Rover. TTAC reader Penaloza looked up from his (free) coffee at the  Embassy Suites in Corpus Christi, TX, and there it was:

A truck that looks suspiciously like what Faisal had rendered, plus some strange camouflage paint job that makes even a large format shot look like a blown-up 60×40 JPEG.  Truck has New Jersey “Vehicle MFR.” plates.  Jaguar Land Rover is in scenic Mahwah, NJ 07430, and Penaloza gets the TTAC Erlkönig-Jäger grand prize.

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14 Comments on “Penaloza Catches Range Rover In The Buff, With Body Paint...”

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    It looks bloated, as if it is suffering from some sort of glandular issue or is about to pop.

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    Looks like any old Range Rover/SUV to me. Mostly boring.

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    I’ve never been able to understand the appeal. My indy mechanic says they’re maintenance nightmares and the few folks I know who own one won’t hold it beyond the warranty period. They may be “fashionable”, but I don’t know how they keep selling those things when their reputation is that bad.

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      I really don’t think they’re as mechanically unsound as they traditionally (really) were.
      We’ve had little to no problems on the multiple L322s we’ve had. The older ones though? They could be a true nightmare.

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      “I’ve never been able to understand the appeal. ”

      So, reliability is the only criteria you consider when buying a car?

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        Not just reliability, but overall cost of ownership. Visual appeal certainly matters also and that’s where the Range Rover shines. Maybe my expectations are out of whack, but the parts seem to be too expensive, and the depreciation hit seems to be outsized relative to other options. They’re wonderful to look at, but the overall cost seems unneccessarily high. Different strokes . . . . .

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        Reliability being a criteria != reliability being the only criteria

        This question is about as meaningful as asking “You wouldnt buy a Miata? Is the # of seats the only criteriON you consider when buying a car?”

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        “Maybe my expectations are out of whack, but the parts seem to be too expensive”

        So they should be using cheaper parts in a 90k SUV? To me that’s like complaining that new shocks on a S550 are $1,000 each. You buy an S for many reasons including its peerless ride quality. How do you get such suburb ride quality? You use really expensive shocks.

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    This is news? I’ve seen maybe 5 of these test mules cruising on the motorways around here, one of them at a good 3 figures.

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    Perhaps it’s the camo or the camera angle, but the door/window line seems to be following the trend set by the Evoque, i.e. getting higher towards the rear of the vehicle. I’m not a fan of this design school, as it gives the vehicle a fat ass.

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    el scotto

    I’d keep the “dazzle” paint job and call it Winston.

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