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Chrysler got a lot of mileage out of their midsize B platform, which was used for just about the entirety of the 1960s and 1970s. The Charger was a B, the Cordoba was a B, and so was this well-used Belvedere that now awaits The Crusher in Denver.
The good old 318-cubic-inch A engine was much heavier than the later LA version, but had the same reputation for reliability.
Even the kind of Ayatollahs-of-rock-n-rollah that like to bomb around cities in big 60s Detroit sedans know that they can always get another one for cheap once the current hooptie breaks something that costs more than a couple hundred bucks.
That’s probably what happened to this one, judging from the telltale cryptic stickers in the back window.

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26 Comments on “Junkyard Find: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere...”

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    Crossed hammers & crucifixions = skinhead mobile?

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    They are tattoo guns. So, looks like something more $150 broke and the owner got another.

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    If that’s the original engine, I think it’s actually a 273 which was equally indestructable. They did require a little more maintenance than a 318 because they had solid lifters for at least the first couple of years. Even the base 2 barrel engine had them.
    Surprisingly powerful for thier size.

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      Tiredmechanic, you are correct, this is either a 273 or a 67-early 71 318. After mid 71 all A engines left the factory with blue paint.
      The 318 poly had wider valve covers than the LA, and they were scalloped along the lower edge. The also used 2 bolts to attach the valve cover, like the Y block ford, as opposed to the 5 bolt design on the LA engine.

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      I can’t tell, either, what the motor is. I don’t have much in the way of Mopar info, I learned that in ’64 they offered a 318, 383, and 426, but all I could see listed for ’65 was a ‘Barracuda 273 CID V8’ rated at 180 [email protected] rpm for the Belvidere I and a notation that the 426 CID
      with 425 hp @ 6000rpm was now available in the Belvidere Satellite, apparently new for the’65 model year.

      In my job during summer ’66 at an AMC dealer, I took home various used cars overnight, and I remember having a ’64 Belvidere hardtop with a V8 automatic with buckets and floor-mounted shifter, and liked it a lot.

      As for the seats, looks like some sort of Oldsmobile, perhaps judging by the embroidered emblem.

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    Looks reasonably straight and solid. If this was the two door version, it wouldn’t be in the yard.

    Repeat after me: Four doors can’t get no love.

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    Any idea where those seats came from? I’m thinking 1980s GM, but its uncanny that they managed to find some with the exact same level of fading as the rest of the interior.

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    I liked this engine, with the spark plugs above the exhaust manifold. My folks’ 383 had them out of sight, underneath.

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      CSS, I own 3 big block chryslers, and have owned many others. The spark plugs are below the exhaust manifolds on all big block chryslers like you say, but they are very easy to reach.

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    I liked these in the day. In HS we drooled over imaginary 2dr 426 Hemi versions.

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    Around my area, there is a 2 door ’65 Belv with a Hemi. Black w/ red interior with licence plate ‘Aunt B’. But it has ‘Pro Street’ look with huge rear tires and small fronts, and jacked up.

    Shows up at local car cruise ins.

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    Mad Max 2 quote FTW!

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    The perfect grille is still there…amazing!

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    el scotto

    In my mythical garage of infinite parking spaces this would be the ultimate rat rod.

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    Bow down to your Mopar Masters ye incorrigible miscreants and sundry heathens.

    Note the pic of the starter upon the ground next to the tire.

    That is a MAN-sized starter and built to last pert-near forever, y’all.

    Carry on.

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    Mr Nosy

    And that air cleaner.Hardly used at all.I guess Mr Belvedere had to be sacrificed in order to pay for a new run of bumper stickers when the two members of the death metal band merged with that keyboardist from a local declining queercore outfit because one of them knows someone who is a friend of a cousin of Skrillex,and he heard their tape and liked it and…

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