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This will be a wee complicated and very British: The Schneider Trophy, a prize competition for seaplanes was won several times by a Supermarine S6B, which in turn was powered by a  Rolls-Royce R Type engine. Follow so far? What does this have to do with cars? Honestly, not the foggiest. But Rolls-Royce Motor Cars proudly presents the Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection, which is said to be inspired by said seaplanes. Still with me? Alright.

The first in a collection of 35 Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection models – which feature a suite of exclusive design concepts, colour combinations and new materials – debuts today at the Pebble Beach Quail gathering in the United States. And here are  some pictures.

Says the press release:

“Finished in Aviator Grey, the Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection features a contrasting matt bonnet, window and grille surround while inside, the interplay of wood and metal hint strongly at a cockpit theme. A Thommen, aviation-grade clock with blood orange needle tips is embedded in the metal foil upper fascia, complemented by matt black dials for power reserve, speedometer and fuel gauges.”

“Fitted with leather floor mats, Aviator Collection cars have also been designed to incorporate the Rolls-Royce of cup holders. Beautifully engineered in highly polished aluminium, the designer’s aim was to deliver functionality, but with that special combination of theatre and jewellery, both of which are expected by every Rolls-Royce client.”

Did I hear “How much?” If you had to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

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29 Comments on “Born From Props: Rolls Royce Presents Supermarine S6B Inspired Special Model Collection...”

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    Roberto Esponja

    I’ll never understand why these people equip their cars with the richest, plushest interiors, but still continue to use that butt-ugly steering wheel that looks like something out of a package delivery truck.

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      But they’re bought by people who could live in the lap of luxury but who live in draughty old country piles and send their offspring to be educated in Dickensian boarding-schools with cold showers, so go figure.

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        Ron B.

        where on earth did you get that idea? The fine folks at BMW bought you this,after they were inspired by the 1970’s Morris Marina ,which has an almost identical dash board(in both appearance and Quality knowing the present owners of RR) . Plus the majority of Roller buyers Live in the Indian Subcontinent where they still dream of the past Glories of the Raj and the many Rollers that once travelled on Private roads ands were maintained by armies of ill paid motor wallahs.

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        “Hanging, Haunting, Quiet, Desperation is the English way” Apparantly even if you’re rich.

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    Any relation to the Lincoln Aviator?

    Taken from some Brit concerning aircraft design during WWll: “If it doesn’t look like a Spitfire, it won’t be built” – or something like that, referring to the Spitfire’s elliptical wing shape.

    I see no ellipses on the RR…

    Connection? I have no idea, just like the car in question.

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    Call it a Spitfire and you’d get more recognition.
    Power it with a 1030hp Merlin V-12, and see if the Germans want to import any.
    I think Adolf Galland would like one.

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      Charles T

      I don’t see BMW signing off on a Spitfire-inspired car from any of its makes. Come to think of it, this might explain their reluctance to do anything with the Triumph name despite owning it.

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    The Supermarine SB6 was much cooler than this car.

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      And probably cost less. This is the very pinnacle of ostentatious garbage, a pretentious display of wealth and success designed to impress people with how much money you can piss away on a durable good.

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        People who drive cars of average cost are simply making a pretentious display of their lack of ambition and achievement. As my good friend Judge Smails says “The world needs ditch diggers, too, Dolorean.” Cheerio!

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    Fitted with leather floor mats? What’s wrong with wool? How long does a leather floor mat last? Are you even allowed to walk on gravel before setting foot in your ride? Do you need a carpeted garage so that the soles of your shoes do not get scuffed and mess up your rich Corinthian leather floor mats? Or do you keep special pairs of shoes only to be worn indoors and in your Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection?

    Hang on, by asking these questions I am only revealing that I am not in the target demographic…

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      “Or do you keep special pairs of shoes only to be worn indoors and in your Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection?”

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        I don’t get the criticism of the floor mats. I think it’s a great idea. Leather is very maintainable and easy to care for, and should last a long, long time.
        This looks very beefy and thick, too.
        I would imagine the sheep rugs are a lot harder to care for.

        If you can take care of a pair of nice shoes or leather seats it shouldn’t be that different. I can see it ending up in the nicer F150’s soon. They maintained leather in the dark ages, so it shouldn’t be much harder now. It will get character as it ages, but I suspect that this is part of the point. Think more like a broken in baseball glove. What’s wrong with that?

        Besides, If you owned this car, you will “have someone” to “take care of it” once or twice a year anyway. The millionaire in the nice F150 might do it himself, and have to worry about it- but a Rolls? Naah. You’ve got better things to worry about if you own one.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Are those photos from a current Rolls Royce? How incredibly dated looking – especially the angle of the steering wheel and dashboard relative to the driver’s seat. Regardless, I’m sure my 3 dogs would love gnawing on that tasty looking leather!

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    This is a real novelty. A Rolls Royce that isn’t fancy.
    Just look at the gauges that you can actually read, and switchgear simple enough to be useful, and it seems no touchscreens. (Wish the pictures were bigger, can’t be sure.)

    It doesn’t pretend to be a plastic Klingon battleship and appears to be sturdy enough to last a few years (with maintainable materials).

    It carries the pretense of a real automobile and not much more – who would have thought Rolls Royce was one of the last places left to look for that?

    And this is from the company responsible for I-drive?
    What is old is new again, and it gives me hope that we might someday drive real cars like we did before. Are there a million computers in that thing? Of course, but behind the scenes, and not in your face.

    It looks tasteful and functional without looking like it’s trying too hard.

    People with the means already own all the best gadgets, and someone figured out that they don’t want their lives to be more complicated behind the wheel. Whoever is responsible for this car “gets it”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it does well, but it might not be gaudy enough for the athletes and musicians, so it’s hard to tell. I bet it won’t be big in Japan, though.

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      Speed Spaniel

      Personally I like driving Klingon battleships, especially ones with the cloaking device stolen from the Romulans. I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so! ; )

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        I fully admit it was a term I borrowed from somewhere else.
        It’s fun to contemplate that this car is built for Piccard, and not Laforge.

        To me it means that there is hope in the world yet, and it’s the first car I have seen in a long time that really catches me conceptually, and won’t let go.

        If you didn’t know that it had a high-tech BMW engine and a million computers, you could be forgiven for believing that it was as honest as a Wrangler. Wood. Polished aluminum. Leather.

        I can return to my regularly scheduled ancient econobox and life isn’t so bad knowing that things like this are out there. Really brightened my day, and is one of the most inspiring cars I have seen in a while. Normally I dislike fancy fast cars, but this is special.

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    Hopefully Cadillac will do a Curtiss R3C-2 inspired CTS-V and Maserati a Macchi-Castoldi M.C. 72 inspired Quattroporte.

    But what I really want is a ME 262 inspired version of a BMW 550i (with a manual of course!)

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    Charles T

    Surely if this were properly inspired by the S6B it’d be amphibious. Maybe they’ll do a matching yacht or tender.

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    The R was the direct ancestor of the Griffon
    which was installed later marks of the Spitfire.
    It added around about 300 CID and peaked in the
    Spitfire at 2000+ HP.

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    Does it float?

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    juicy sushi

    As others have pointed out, this is probably as close as Rolls-Royce with it’s current ownership can get to a little bit of patriotic flag-waving. Drawing a link to the Spitfire would be a bit too close to the traditional England vs. Germany football chant:

    “Two world wars and one world cup, doo-dah, doo-dah…”

    Still, the interior package looks very nice. Think I’d rather have that treatment done to a Ghost though…

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    ” …the Rolls-Royce of cup holders. Beautifully engineered in highly polished aluminium, the designer’s aim was to deliver functionality, but with that special combination of theatre and jewellery, both of which are expected by every Rolls-Royce client.”

    Now it will be my mission to see these ‘Rolls-Royce of cup holders’ before I can die in peace. (no joke!)

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    Not sure why there is so much nice crap in front of the car. Anyone driving their own RR should get a driver.

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    What I want to know is this:

    Where is the hand throttle quadrant with the safety wire stretched across the top third of the gate? Yessir, War Emergency Powah! You shove the lever through the wire, and Holy Hell, Squadron Leader Reginald Rogers (Ninky to his friends), that Mercedes S Klasse rapidly approaching in the rear-view mirror once again becomes a small dot, as the mighty Rolls speeds towards the canteen at Biggin Hill and a well-deserved meal for the pilot of real eggs and bacon, washed down with great draughts of hot strong tea. “We got away from that dastardly Hun today, Nige,” quoth Reg. “Pity it had to be in a Roller with a dam’ BMW engine,” replied his chum Nigel. “What is this world coming to?!”

    This car appears to meet all the criteria for excellent bad taste, and should sell well to people with far too much money and an outlook untroubled by true nostalgia. There must be a few dozen somewhere on this planet. Aluminium cup holders? Where is the bladder overflow line and bottle for those really scary moments when the sphincter muscle is truly clenched and only a p will do? Those modern marketers missed adding a truly unique accessory! Crafted in modern materials, of course.

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    I’d buy that fer a dollar!

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