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To be used as burn packs in Sharia jurisdictions

Yesterday’s anomalies with TTAC’s commenting system were fixed after long hours  in short order by our crack technical team, cheered on with robust language undying praise by our editorial team. In Wednesday’s evening hours, the problem was declared as solved. All TTAC correspondents could comment again, unencumbered by announcements that the post is roasting in moderation purgatory. All except DeadWeight.

And a few others, possibly. DeadWeight (and a few others) use what is called  a “disposable email address.” In DeadWeight’s case, it is  While other avenues of landing in moderation limbo are not well researched, using a throw-away email address for your TTAC registration is a sure-fire way to be denied the joy of immediate publishing of your comment.

TTAC’s FAQ says in pertinent part:

“Comments from people (or bots) who use certain anonymous email providers have a high rate of spam, and therefore are blocked at TTAC. It is a long list, ranging from “” via “@discardmail” all the way to “” (I kid you not). If you sign up using one of those, the sign-up will not be accepted. Once you are successfully signed-up, this lockout should not be a problem for you, unless you manually change your email address to one of the throwaway guys.  If you can’t comment after changing your email address, change it back.”

Of course, if you yearn for the personal attention by either Derek or Bertel, and you want them to read each and every comment of yours (possibly days later, when it is a really slow news day,) and if you want them to decide each and every time whether the comment is worthy of the limelight, then there is no better way than to use a disposable emailer.

Don’t expect a personal warning sent to that discardaddress. By their very nature, disposable email addresses are like condoms (i.e. not meant for re-use,) and we won’t even bother.



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25 Comments on “Attention TTAC Commenters (Especially DeadWeight): Disposables Prevent Reception...”

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    This post just made my day 10 times better.

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    Testing, testing…

    Okay I guess gmail is good!

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    Off a Cliff

    It’s all fun and games until the Discovery Channel (or History) green-lights Harcore Zoo as a new reality series (ala Hardcore Pawn).

    gmail ftw!

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    Disposables and anonymizers are tools to protect one’s anonymity online especially if young kids use your system to surf. So are educational and government servers, as are firewall server/routers.

    A “disposable email address” is great if you do not want to leave any digital tracks. It is a valid IP address for one-time use. This just shows that Deadweight is smarter than the average bear.

    I can’t think of a better way to ensure anonymity except maybe using a public Wi-Fi hotspot as well. But then you have all those cameras to worry about.

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      I disagree. I find nothing about Deadweight particularly intelligent.

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        What can I say? I, myself, have often been accused by the self-appointed industry-expert commentators on this site that I must be some dumb, wayward hick #$%@*&%! living in an uninhabited gas-n-sip. And for them, personal experiences and anecdotes bring nothing to the discussion.

        I say, there is room for anyone who cares to comment on the articles. ttac is still the best site in this genre. I dare anyone to list a better site than ttac and then we’ll let the B&B decide for themselves.

        My money remains on ttac. It is better than many subscription services I currently belong to and will let expire as they come due.

        It is equally true that there are a lot of posers out there who are not what they appear to be. At least I only use ONE screen name. Some do not.

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        That was entirely unnecessary.

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        I took it as being said in jest, based on his very first post.

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        slow kills

        This personal attack on member DeadWeight is entirely unwarranted.

        I have great faith that my favorite commenter, with the Les Grossman avatar, will be back very soon.

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        Oh you guiz!

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      Anyone who is concerned about their online privacy should be using a firewalled connection that only connects through a properly set up, anonymous VPN service such as btguard.

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        Sounds like you are smarter than the average bear as well, nickoo.

        But if you have access to educational servers (.edu) or even many government servers (.gov)(I won’t list them here) you can surf anonymously by logging on to your account on those servers and then use that account to assume that anonymous identity and browse and surf.

        At one time I had an account on a University server in Taiwan and used that as my base to browse and surf the ‘net. It was great! But until I downloaded a translator extension, I had no idea what the ads I was bombarded with were telling me.

        Ditto with the server I used in Japan for awhile, until my son returned stateside. That was eight years of my Japanese avatar.

        The Internet is a wonderful thing. But it can also be a sword that cuts both ways.

        That’s why the Feds have to route all our internet traffic through another sovereign nation, like England, so they can use software to monitor what we say and look at.

        We’re being monitored. Even here. Anonymity? They’ll find you if they want you bad enough.

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    I think he should have been given a direct fair warning, at the least. His commentary (though salty) will be missed.

    And just how in the heck is not disposable? I on purpose didn’t use mine due to it’s dispensability. Banning but keeping a ‘everyone and their mother gets and invite’ email system is questionable at best.

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    What’s all the hubub about?

    I’ll use gmail, then, but it doesn’t change my opinion that Google IS an evil entity.

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      Why is this hanging in moderation. I’m all hooked up on the totally kosher gmail now.

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        Okay, it’s all good to go now. Thanks TTAC crew.

        tuffjuff, I may disagree with you on certain things, but you need not fear debating various issues with me.

        If you ever are stressed or feel angst because of an opinion I express, let me know, and I’ll do anything within reason to respect your sensitivities– but I can’t guarantee I’ll feign agreement with you merely to help you feel better or more secure, as that would not further a constructive debate.

        Tone is important, and we should be civil, but substance is key to a constructive debate, and that should remain vigorous.

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        Oh how I've missed you these past few hours, DW.

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    el scotto

    HDC Your .gov account is identified as a US Government account to other servers; some don’t care, some do. All the .gov accounts I’ve used have a consent to monitoring warning. The monitoring varies wildly. Some agencies really crack down and monitor computer usage and some could give a whit.

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      el scotto, what you understood me to mean is not what I intended to communicate, re disposables and anonymizers.

      What I meant to communicate was that logging on to a .edu or .gov system that allows you to open an account there will negate your home IP address because all your communication is now handled from and through the IP address of the .edu or .gov server.

      Your PC at home is just acting like a monitor (VT100) when you use that other system as your primary.

      You could log on to that same site using your PC at home directly but then you would reveal your home IP address. So you have re-routed your functions to another IP address when you use the intermediary.

      Long before the anonymizers existed there was CarbonCopy in the days of the BBS’s. And so it came to be that I could dial in to my network from anywhere in the world by phone line, slow as it was, and use my PC at home with CarbonCopy to handle all my communication with the other bulletin boards in the world, through a second phone line.

      It was great. Fooled people into thinking I was at a place I was not. It also allowed me to help my brothers long-distance by logging on to their PCs via phone line and help them if they had questions or problems with their systems. What was on their screen, was also on my screen hundreds of miles away.

      Nowadays, that’s how PC techs help service your PC and software if you have a problem — no housecalls needed.

      Things are much easier now with the internet. I can hook up to a network using the IP address of my originating location, and then communicate outward using the IP address of that network to establish disposable email addresses or establish a faux location for myself.

      Like from Taiwan or Shinjuku, wherever I could establish an account on a server. And I did that for many years, and received the weirdest foreign ads on my screen at home.

      I still do this now, and it is hilarious to see where I enter the backbone because I get browser ads from that locale and it varies nightly, sometimes the East coast, sometimes the West coast but most of the time somewhere in between, like Moline tonight. Where is Moline? All the ads are local. So I can’t tell.

      What many people don’t realize about disposable email addresses is that the name of the temporary email address usually changes daily, but generally the range of IP addresses for that server will remain intact, unless the user also re-directs their connection to another server that will then act as the primary.

      Hey, the Feds do this all the time. If you use ZoneAlarm, check the firewall traps to see which IP addresses you have captured. Then Ping them. The valid ones return the ping. Invalid, bogus or law enforcement ones do not.

      I’m not sure about the capabilities of other firewall software since I only use ZoneAlarm on my firewall PC before handing over to my HAN file-server.

      My system is downright antique, a 2006 XP system, running a 3.0/3.0 Pentium D processor on the firewall and the file server controlling the router, so I’m sure that things have improved since I set up my system in 2006.

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    Really don’t care for all this comments drama. Good thing there’s better things to read about.

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    That’s fine and all, but I haven’t been able to access my profile page since signing up, period. I’ve tried contacting TTAC staff through different methods and they’ve all been universally ignored. How about helping out a commenter here?

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    Pls send a message using the Contact message box, address it to “Editorial suggestions” and explain exactly what happens (not) when. Thank you.

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