DuPont2011_Global Color(HR)

DuPont2011_Global Color(HR)

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    White is a not a great color choice for snow country. My mother had a peal white car years ago, it was a nice color, but the grime from winter roads made the car more dark tan the white. Which meant constant expensive car washes in the winter. Next is car’s visibility in winter storms. White & silver cars tend to blend into the background more than darker colors. Though in summer white cars stand out against the green/brown background. Then it seems everyone and their brother has a white or silver car. For individuality reasons I rather have a different color such as blue, brown or green. Don’t get me wrong I think cars look gorgeous in certain shades of white or silver but for the above reasons I rather have a darker color. If I moved to warmer climes than I would diffidently look at white. Silver is too boring for my tastes, unless it’s more graphite.

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