By on August 6, 2012
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You won’t have to wait until the Moscow reveal to see what the 2014 Mazda6 is all about. All the leg work has been done by Mazda themselves. It’s 14 minutes long and all in Japanese – something our own BS is well acquainted with – but nonetheless, the good stuff is all there.

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9 Comments on “2014 Mazda6 Reveals Itself Yet Again...”

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    Clearly, they aren’t focusing on filming the car because the lighting is poor, the angles are lacking, and the garland is masking some important lines.

    But from what can be seen – the wagon damn good looking. I would buy it.

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    Was this a leak? Isn’t it unusual for an all new car to be so openly revealed (video, not just a few photos) before it is launched at a major autoshow?
    Great to see it, would like see how the sedan looks (especially round the back). I just hope it drives as well as it looks (which given it’s a Mazda is quite likely).

    I wonder if they will bring a wagon over. Yes they sell in small numbers but Mazda is not adverse to experimenting (Mazda 5 is pretty unique). This would slot price wise above the CX5 and since the CX7 goes away soon there is space if they wanted to. I won`t hold my breath though.

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    This would be a nice (driver focused) alternative to a Crosstour/Venza/Edge FWD, something that the little CX-5 just can’t compete with. I agree that it will never make it to the states, with the soccer mom’s flocking to the higher seating position of CUVs and SUVs versus the practicality and efficiency of wagons.

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    juicy sushi

    I would really, really love to buy one of these. But I’m terrified they haven’t resolved the rust issue, and that’s not really a fault I can tolerate in a Canadian winter.

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    I WANT IT!

    In brown.

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    The rust issues were mostly confined to Japanese assembled models. The old 6 as well as the CX-9, B and Tribute, never suffered much. I think the CX-7 was immune, too.

    Now, I’m not sure where this 6 will be made, or even if North America will get it at all.

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      The new 6 will be made in Japan. That includes the sedan and wagon. They may open another plant in Asia to fill the Russian market, but it is highly unlikely that it will be produced in the US or their forthcoming Mexico plant.

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    Out of curiosity: How many languages does Bertel Schmitt know? I thought I saw a video of him speaking at a trade show in mandarin too, but I may be mistaken.

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    Another wagon we won’t get….next.

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