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TTAC contributor-by-virtue-of-being-related-to-a-contributor “Bark M.” is in New York this week, without his new Boss 302, and sends this shot taken through the dealership window at Manhattan Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge.

Imagine, for just one moment, if you can, the suspension of disbelief required to conceive, design, and print such a banner. Then imagine how much more would be required to actually hang such a banner in a functioning dealership. It makes O’Brien’s belief that he could “float off the flooor like a soap bubble” seem like a hard-bitten devotion to reality.

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16 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: I’m Just Not Sure That Was Even Correct At The Time The Banner Was Printed Edition...”

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    Maybe it’s because it’s early, but I thought it read “America’s Hot Test products”. Which made me think that the Caliber and Nitro were seen as hot products in a focus group made up of morons. Time to go back to bed now and dream of hot Calibers and Nitros. haha.

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    And it’ll only be a couple of seconds behind the Scion/BRZ twins.

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    How does one man assert his power over another? By making him suffer in a Caliber.
    Obedience is not enough. Unless he is driving a Caliber, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in forcing the unwilling to believe that half-baked CUV/hatchbacks are the hottest cars available.


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    America’s Ho Test Products: Caliber Nitro.

    Maybe Vodka McBigbra or Drama McHourGlass would fit the billing better?

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    Mr. K

    Why is there a Nissan banner facing inside the showroom?

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    It’s just automotive hyperbole. Like that never happens; remember the cat who confused his Ford Granada with a Mercedes Benz…..?

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    Perhaps a more literal interpretation will shed some light. If I recall, these vehicles have some of the most drab, blackest of black cheap hard-plastic interiors to be found industry-wide. Is it not also conceivable that Chrysler, in the sorry state it was in when these cars were designed, cut corners and costs on UV protective glass and insulating material in the roof and panels…?

    Hence, park either of these beauties in the sun for a couple hours and BAM: hottest car in America!

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    Maybe they are both getting Hemis for 2013.

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    Am I the only one who thinks Bark M should turn off the instagram on his iPhone before taking any more pics?

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    That was actually designed at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine by one of their researchers, who happens to be a car guy, as an emetic. It didn’t work very well (it did work for some people, but not for anyone who didn’t know what a Caliber looks like), and the researcher’s kid, who goes to the same private high school as the son of the guy who owns the dealership, actually managed to sell it to his classmate for $45.

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    >>>Imagine, for just one moment, if you can, the suspension of disbelief required to conceive, design, and print such a banner

    I thought the Caliber’s suspension was a suspension of disbelief.

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