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What ever happened to the TTAC project car? Here is some inspiration of what to do to the poor Sierra. Joel Olsen from Norway converted a 1982 Ford Granada, the European epitome of blah, into a 1,700 horsepower monster.

German magazine Der Spiegel explains how Olsen swapped the original V6 for a 4.7 liter V8. “This engine is in the Koenigsegg CCR, the Ford GT, or in a Shelby GT 500,” says Olsen. But that wasn’t good enough. With a blower by Turbonetics and series of other modifications which make sure that  the power does not cause indigestion, the output was raised to 1,700 hp.

The car will be stopped by a brake system borrowed for the Porsche GT2. The driveshaft is from a NASCAR car, the rear axle from a Mustang Cobra.

No word of the transmission.


Hat tip to Alm Oedi



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21 Comments on “The 1,700 Horsepower Ford Granada...”

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    But how will it handle?

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    Ford GT had a Modular V-12, don’t think the Koenigsegg or Shelby GT 500 have this.

    The euro Granada of this period was so much more a Mercedes look alike than was the Granada ESS (anybody remember it? Maybe Murilee can find one in the Wonder Yard in CO.)

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    Sounds like another project done by people who don’t really understand cars.

    1700hp, or even 17000hp, is just nothing, if there isn’t a reasonable level of safety, fuel economy, reliability, and of course straight line performance.

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    The FGT and Shelby have 5.4L modular motors…but that’s not the point.

    Looks like I need to get the Sierra legal and begin considering my idiot replacement options for the 2.0L Pinto.

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      Back in the day, Ford South African built a 5.0L Sierra between 1986 and 1988. 250 cars were made for the purposes of homologation. The XR8, as it was known, was fitted with the 302ci engine from the Mustang with a Borg Warner T5 transmission. Without catalytic converters the engine produced 150kW and 300Nm, which was a lot back then. Front brakes were AP Racing 4-piston callipers on 280mm discs. It was quite a handful on 195/60R15 tyres!

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      But the 2013 Shelby GT500 has a 5.8.

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      Having owned a couple of Sierra’s, I reckon there is plenty of room in the engine bay for something interesting. I’d like to see something totally silly in that brown beastie… 5.0 Coyote springs to mind :)

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      Athos Nobile

      The 302 V8 swap has been done in Venezuela in a couple of cars. It will fit nicely, just be sure to put a strong strut tower bar (a common mod over there) if you’re going to put some weight in that axle. Otherwise it will start “opening”.

      The Sierra was reasonably fast with the 2.8 or 3.0 V6. A V8 would make it a fun machine.

      Being you, I’d suggest to put a LS3 FTMFW inside there and call it a day. If you have go the Ford route, it would be awesome to slap one of those 5.0 cammer crate motors there. I’d actually love to do the later to a C3 Corvette

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        Ah never mind, should have read down about the V8 sierra – that means up to nearly 370 cubes and an all aluminum V8 and well past 500 naturally aspirated horsepower.

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      Didn’t somebody make a twin cam conversion for the pinto motor? Maybe I’m just confusing this with the varied conversions for the mini. Or you could look for all the cool dirt track stuff using the pinto motor.

      Hell a zetec might not be to bad a motor if your looking to stay Ford or on the crazy expensive side, a frigg’n Hartley V8

      I wonder how well a push rod 5.0 would fit in there? Cheap power and probably easy enough to wring 300 horsepower in there making cooling issues easy to deal with.

      Dropping any of the mod V8s would probably call for some major front end surgery of the tube frame and drag strut kind. Although a trinity 5.8 poking out of a vestigial hood ( doubt there would be much left) would be neat.

      Ahhh… the good ol’ pro street movement of the 80″s Anybody remember Rick Dobbertins J2000 and its useless but very beautiful compound supercharging

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    I like the concept though with that kind of power it’s only useful as a show car. But toss the drive train from a Toyota Supra into a Cressida and you’ve got an interesting real-world fast sedan.

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    Spanish Inquisition

    More information on this car:

    Apparently, the transmission is a Tremec.

    See the 4th page on the Corsa Sport link for a beautiful shot of the engine with both snails hanging off the exhaust.

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    “I thought it was my Mercedes!”

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    It takes real guts to toss that much motor and money into a 4 door POS. But that’s what we call a Sleeper over here.

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    Blower? NO! Twin turbos? Well, Yes, look at the pictures in the article (or this one ) , that’s no blower.
    4 plate carbon Tilton clutch, Liberty/tremec gearbox.

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