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The sun may shine bright upon my old Kentucky home, but that doesn’t mean things here can’t always be good. In the case of Ford, it’s not so good right now for the automaker’s efforts in Louisville.

First off, most of the 3,800 workers at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant have been laid-off temporarily until the end of this week due to a parts shortage for the Navigators, Expeditions and Super-Dutys screwed together there. The cause of the shortage appears to involve a fire at one of the plant’s part suppliers, and while UAW officials claim the part in question is a sensor, Ford officials are following company policy, not saying anything either way.

Of course, the fire doesn’t affect the Louisville Assembly Plant, but a major recall certainly does: Starting 23 July, Ford will recall nearly 8,300 Escapes — all made in Louisville — due to a very Toyota/Lexus-esque issue involving carpeting and braking. The affected CUVs were made from 8 March to 7 June of this year, if you happen to be one of the owners in question.

Speaking of that CUV, I leave you with the above photo of what used to be a large movieplex until it was finally demolished last year. The lot has played host to a few curious things since then, including housing some if not all of the 3,500 Escapes that could not escape the hailstorm in April. There were more a few weeks ago, but most of them have gone off somewhere. Maybe towards one of the auctions our Monsieur Lang visits?

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16 Comments on “Temporary Layoffs, Recalls at Ford’s Louisville Facility...”

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    GM’s Lansing Grand River plant is also shut down for a week due to a supplier problem.

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    Never knew the iTruck came in brown. I thought you could only buy it in white.

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      This one might be the Zune Edition with the Microsoft SYNC package. ;)

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      It doesn’t. It comes in one color, and one color alone: chrome grill, what accent the other 3% of the truck is, as of now, unknown to man as the grill has blinded all that tried to find out.

      Seriously, a diesel super duty has always been my dirty little secret automotive dream, but come on, the truck hasn’t changed sheet metal for well over a decade.

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        And that would be incorrect.

        XL models have MIC (mold in color) grills. Black. Black bumpers.
        XLT and Lariat have Chrome Grills and chrome bumpers.
        King Ranch has a Body Colored Grill with chrome accent bars. Accent colored bumpers as well (Pale Adobe).

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        Yeah I know, my objection is against the ridiculousness of that grill. It’s huge, but mostly made of plastic/chrome covering the opening.

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      I’ve never heard of the iTruck until now that i’ve read your comment. whats the difference between the other trims?

      LOL, I tried to set fords but i just couldn’t do it. I stop last week

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    In unrelated news, Ford denies involvement in easy credit ripoffs.

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    Wow, Is the front of the super duty ever ugly these days, as bad as the econoline…

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      +1, it’s Aztek ugly IMHO. Now if they could just make that chrome grill and Ford oval just a little bigger….

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      Exactly. The Playskool-era Super Duty is the most disjointed styling excercise in years. There are some angles where you view these trucks and wonder if the Ford folks approved the grille only from sketches on paper because it surely is not a cohesive design when married to the rest of the truck.

      The Playskool-era Super Duties would keep me out of a dealer showroom. A true redesign can’t come soon enough, in my opinion.

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        el scotto

        It does seem to sell with the I have a big-ass truck, where do I unload the backhoe crowd. Cleverly engineered to be uncomfortable enough to keep suburban cowboys from buying one. That’s a work truck and priced high enough to keep the wannabe’s away.

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    BTW Ohio assembly is affected as well. No creepy van production this week either.

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    There certainly isnt a fugly chromed plastic grille shortage.

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    Why y’ll drinkin’ tha Hater-Ade an’ stuff? Why you gotta be all up in that truck’s grille, Man?

    Ahem. Insurance companies LOVE that grille. The less paint exposed to stone chips and fender benders, the less likely to get damaged. The more plastic, and the less metal, the cheaper it is (for the insurance company – not for the owner) to have fixed. Bumpers are comparatively cheap: they are bolted on and inexpensive to replace. Unlike, say quarter-panels that wrap to the front end. So it’s either this, or else a Lexus-esque plastic bumper that goes up to the windshield wipers.

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