By on July 20, 2012

Isuzu is joining the “let’s flee Japan and the rising yen” bandwagon, and their latest venture involves assembling export-bound trucks in Saudi Arabia.

Just-Auto outlines Isuzu’s strategy, which has nothing to do with the VehiCross

Isuzu can minimize the effects of the strong yen and better compete for what is expected to be a growing market for commercial trucks as Gulf nations step up infrastructure investment.

Small and large commercial trucks will eventually be added in, with production reaching a total capacity of 25,000 units. As much as Isuzu is made out to be the butt of jokes in North America, their Middle East distributor network looks fairly robust – or at least more robust than the Lebanese parliamentary democracy.

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7 Comments on “Say “As-Salamu Alaykum” To Yusuf al-Isuzu...”

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    Each vehicle will come with a custom fitted full-body “bra” that covers everything but the headlights. And women still won’t be able to drive them in Saudi Arabia! The passenger door will also get a child safety lock so that women passengers will have to rely on their husbands or brothers to escort them in public. Isuzu will not be able to build any “cross member” frame, or at least not display the “crosses” in public. To cut the cost of manufacturing optional equipment, all cars will come “pre-wired…” There will be no “sports” models…well, at least not for women, who can’t participate in sports in Saudi Arabia or drive for that matter. The navigation system will always point you towards Mecca, and the clock will always be stuck in the Middle Ages.

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    bumpy ii

    Hmmm. I was under the impression that Isuzu had already moved most of its pickup production to Thailand a while back.

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    I know all Japanese companies are racing out of Japan right now, but Saudi Arabia is a bit out of the left field,isn’t it? Are you sure Saudi Arabian’s willing to work on an assembly line? Wasn’t that long ago that they had to import workers to do all the menial jobs their citizens aren’t willing to perform.

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    Rental Man

    Soon to be available with the factory Hagwalah Prep Edition. (Crazy Saudi street drifting)

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    ” their Middle East distributor network looks fairly robust ”

    Interestingly, Israel, a country geographically located between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, is not served by Isuzu’s Middle East distribution network, but rather the Israeli distributor, Universal Motors Israel, is part of Isuzu’s European distribution network. Most likely that’s because some folks in the Middle East are offended by the notion that Israel is in the Middle East.

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