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Opel has a new CEO, the second in a week, and he will soon be out of a job: As expected by TTAC,  GM named Thomas Sedran as interim CEO of Opel, replacing the current interim CEO Stephen Girsky, who replaced the not quite interim CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke.

According to a GM release, the former management consultant Sedran “will act as chairman until a permanent chairman is in place.”  The temporary appointment also jibes with predictions made in German media over the weekend.

Sedran was not named president of GM Europe, a job Stracke also held. According to Reuters, “GM vice chairman Stephen Girsky was handed the title, bundling more control at GM’s headquarters in Detroit.”

Sedran could keep his job for a while though. Finding a competent external candidate for the job will be tough. The Opel chairman’s chair is regarded a “Schleudersessel” in Germany, an ejection seat with now Girsky’s trembling hand over the button.  Girsky was smart enough not to keep the job a minute longer than absolutely necessary.

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2 Comments on “Opel Names Second Interim Chief In A Week. What’s His MTBF?...”

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    Might as well make this fun: put all the GM executives (plus a few promising outside guys) into a hat and shake ’em around. Opel could pick a new CEO every week, at random!

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    Lots of suitable candidates. Wagoner has years of experience running unprofitable enterprises and he’s not doing much that I’ve read about. How about Lutz? Speaks various languages and never at a loss for words. My choice though is Mary Barra since Dan thinks she’s one of the best he’s seen anywhere. Turn her loose on this one. Meanwhile, if he wants to get something done while she’s away, fill her slot with Tom Stephens.

    I think the heat is getting to Dan. Is the board asleep again?

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