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How strange that on a day full of Joel Ewanick related news, an old face pops up at a crosstown rival.

Mark LaNeve, the man responsible for Cadillac’s Led Zeppelin-and-machismo ad campaigns, has taken 0n the position of COO with Team Detroit. As some of you may know, Team Detroit is Ford’s ad agency. LaNeve was previously at insurance giant Allstate, and has also done a stint at Volvo as well. Who wants to bet that Lincoln will be getting extra attention from now on?

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22 Comments on “Mark LaNeve Is Back…At Ford...”

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    I’m getting dizzy with all the hype-masters changing chairs!

    New knuckleheads leaving GM, old GM knucleheads surfacing at Ford, I wouldn’t be surprised if the old Chrysler PR-knucklehead-guy shows up again now!

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    Is it just me or does that look like the Joker minus makeup?

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    D’ya reckon Ford will give him the budget he needs to turn Lincoln around? I’m not sure facelifting any of the current models will cut the mustard. Perhaps they can use the Aussie Ford Falcon and turn that into a Lincoln :)

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      That’s what I was thinking, take the mustang platform and make a small four door called the Zepher, the SWB falcon and call it the Arrow and the LWB Falcon and call it the continental (as well as a Mark IX based on the SWB, but with Continental engines, etc). Make all the base models with supercharged engines (4 cyl for Z, 6 for Arrow and 8 for Continental), make an S class with twin charging (super/turbo charging) and an R class with Twin Turbo. Perhaps make a Continental “L” model with suicide doors and a twin charged 6.2 engine. While using 8 speed transmissions on all of them, etc. Would also allow making of Falcon for police departments (perhaps even a eco-boost 6 model for americans) and export to Australia and well as disbursing development cost of next mustang. This is what could save lincoln and apparantly the current falcon would be a nice starting point as well as everything invested in developing the Jags before sale. (Heck buy the Bristol name for europe and “Gaz” or whatever was luxury car during soviet times in Russia, etc)

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        A few of the B&B have been clamoring for a Lincoln Mustang, but I’m not holding my breath.

        Some great ideas here, they make sense…maybe too much sense for Detroit to implement.

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    Hopefully this means the end of those awful Mike Rowe ads.

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    I think he’s wearing manscara.

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    Real nice…… Over half of the first eleven comments are making fun of someone’s appearance.

    So much for the “best and brightest”.

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      Do a little TTAC search on LaNeve… to paraphrase a certain character from “The Wire,” the man’s enemies had enemies. I mean, I consider myself a glass-house denizen when it comes to critiquing classical beauty, but sometimes a little history helps to make sense of such seemingly irrational dislike.

      That said, it would be cool if those who dislike LaNeve would remind everyone of the relevant history (thanks Buickman!).

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    I believe he lost market share every year in spite of the Red Toe Tag fire sales and profit stripping Employee Pricing distress merchandising. forget how he looks and examine the record. if it hadn’t been for the thug Gerosa mentoring and protecting the guy he wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did.

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    you have to admit those comments are funny though. I was cracking up. Thanks for the lulz.

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    This news bit and subsequent discussion would lead one to believe Lincoln is just a good ad campaign away from relevance again. As the 50 year old owner of an ’06 LS (my second LS) I am less than thrilled with the ‘new direction’ their vehicles are taking. I bought my first LS in my early 40s because it would outrun my ’96 Mustang GT and didn’t look like something I borrowed from my Grandma. Then they decided to let it die on the vine while they tarted up some Fusions for Grandma. I kinda like the MKS, but can’t help but think it would look better in my Dad’s garage. I want to see a Lincoln with a SHO level powerplant and handling that has reviewers talking about road course lap times rather than how insulated they are from freeway expansion joints.

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