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Gilt, a subscription-based fashion deal website, was offering an incredible deal on two hot Fiat products. $5,000 off a Fiat 500C or Fiat 500 Abarth.

No more information is available at the Gilt website, but TTAC reader Robstar said that the deal involved

“$5k deposit, refunded at purchase of a fiat 500 cabrio for $9,999

$5k deposit, refunded at purchase of a fiat 500 abarth for $15,999″

A package deal for a Gucci Edition 500 and a trip to Italy is still available for $27, 750, not including a $5,000 deposit. Purchases must buy the vehicle from a local Fiat retailer, at which point Gilt will refund the $5,000 deposit. Not that Fiat has had trouble moving the Abarth


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13 Comments on “Fiat Feeling GILTy, Offers $5,000 Off A 500C Or Abarth...”

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    For $10K + ttl, I’d be interested in this as a daily commuter to save wear & tear on my 2005 WRX Sti. It’ll save gas too, but the repairs/maint on the STi are MUCH more expensive than an econobox.

    Fiat currently has 5 year on 2012 models @ 0 for 60. I figure 11,500 OTD would be a conservative # which would put monthly at $191.67/mo. Not bad for basic new transportation.

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    That’s an incredible deal. It’s only for the higher trim ‘Lounge’ cabriolet though. Not for the Pop trim. I’ll try to talk my wife into buying one!

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    I believe they are only selling one of each car. The Gucci edition is sold out. They say they’re selling the 500C at 3PM EST and the Abarth at 9PM EST. More info here:

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      I was going to say that is more than 5k off of a Cabrio. But I guess this is how they can do it. The stripped Pop 500c has a sticker of 19,500

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    It is indeed one of each. Yippee.

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    Speed Spaniel

    I hear the entire inventory is free. No thanks.

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    Believe it was/is first come, first get…and only one of each of the three models. Expect them all to sell within minutes of the sale going live (as witnessed already). I’d be happy as punch to put down a refundable deposit of $5k to get the Abarth for $16k. It won’t be up for more than a few minutes, at best. Fiat is at least getting out there with social media sites and such to generate more interest in their car (as was already mentioned, not like they needed to worry about selling out their 2012 run of Abarths).

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    That linked Daily News article has interesting spelling

    Arborth (some kind of tree?) and Arbath (some kind of soap?)

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    This is a one-shot promo deal, really has nothing to do with FIAT.

    However, if I could get a Pop Cabrio for the price of a Pop Coupe, my xB1 would be on Craigslist tomorrow!

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    Volt 230

    The cheapest model POP available around So Fl sells for $16500 where are you seeing these prices???

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    Here is the deal – ” Gilt will refund your $5,000 deposit upon paying $9,999 at your local retailer. ”

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    Clever promotion, considering the type of market for which the 500 is largely directed. Fiat should consider putting up the base Pop model for the same price, except offer a whole lot more than just one.

    If it was their intent, they’d stand a good chance of clearing out all remaining 2012 inventory in this manner.

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