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Years ago, Tim Sinclair married Sherry Swainson, and they lived happily ever after except for one issue. The Swainsons are a hardcore Mopar family.

So hardcore that their Chrysler allegiance extends over several generations.  Also, Sherry’s family has owned and operated a Chrysler dealership since 1971.

Tim is a hardcore Chevy guy. His first car was a 77 Camaro, so this transition from single Chevy guy to mixed marriage GM-Chrysler couple had bumpy ride written all over it.

It got worse when Tim ventured into the old car world.

Tim’s brother in law is Peter Swainson. Peter is a well-known name in the classic late 60s early 70s era of Mopar muscle, and his first inclination was to steer Tim toward a 340 Cuda, or a mint Super Bee.

Tim’s response was always the same, “I can’t afford a Mopar, only guys with money can swing that.” Mopar guys may take exception to that statement, but it did keep peace at Swainson family gatherings.

Sinclair followed a 56 Chevy for two years, but the price was higher than Tim’s budget allowed for an entry into the old car world. In 2011, the car came up for sale at a more attractive price because “the guy wanted the room in his garage.” Tim became the proud owner of an iconic car from the Tri-five Chevy family.

Tim had originally seen the 56 Chevy in a magazine and he knew that this was a car that he wanted enough to swim upstream against a Mopar family current. The car was on a regular car show circuit in the Las Vegas area and it needed a bigger trunk for the trophies it won at various meets, including a major show at Lake Havasu. The car had been well looked after because the paint is still the same coat that won all the hardware for nearly two decades.

Tim picked up the car immediately, and he was proud of the fact that he “used a Mopar guy’s trailer to haul it back.”

The 56 Chevy is a mild resto-mod and it definitely attracted attention at the first local show. Tim conceded that the car “isn’t a race car, it’s got a pretty mild cam in it, but it goes pretty good”. The car has a great finish to it because of the diligent care over the years and Tim can only see one modification in the future. Air conditioning.

Tim and Sherry want to take the old tri-five to several shows over the next few years and Tim admits, “I’m an older guy so I like to be comfortable and that air looks pretty good at 80 degrees. Other than that, the car is perfect.”

Perfect for a Chevy guy in a Mopar family.

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7 Comments on “Car Collector’s Corner: Hatfields and McCoys 2012 – A Chevy Guy brings a 1956 Chevrolet into a Mopar Family...”

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    Seems more of a Sinclair-Swainson story. Chevy-Ford would be Hatfield-McCoy.

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      I don’t know… Being one of those Mopar guys if I was forced to get another old car the only choice would be Ford cant stomach the thought of a Chebby. Plus can’t afford one, they go for stupid money here in SoCal, while no one cares about Mopars. My 65 Dart Wagon cost next to nothing to keep on the road. Of couse I am not talking show quality. That gets expensive no matter what brand your car is.

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    I can’t afford a tri-five Chevy, only guys with money can swing that.

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    My Dad bought one of these new, as did two of his friends. Dad’s wasn’t too bad. The two friends got absolute lemons. An oft told story from my youth involves one getting ready to leave home one day and dropping the engine in the driveway. My Dad didn’t buy another GM product for nearly 20 years.

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    Yes mixed marriages can be interesting. My side has three generations of Ford workers, my wife’s has multiple GM workers. Funny thing is that lately I have been driving the GM car or truck and she has been driving the Fords.

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    To each their own, but…

    I don’t really get buying a modded car already finished, and then taking it to events where you park it.

    As I said, to each their own, but I dare say there is a lot more fun in building a classic your way, and then driving the darn thing, but what do I know…


    Mopar > GM.

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