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A Fast Company article on in-car integration of Siri, Apple’s voice activated Artifical Intelligence system, revealed that despite Apple’s usage of their brands, a few manufacturers aren’t even aware of plans to use it on their vehicles, let alone within the 12 month timeframe that Apple had suggested.

The article quotes Chrysler as saying

“We haven’t seen the statements attributed to Apple and we have nothing to announce at this time,” a Chrysler spokesperson said by email. When pressed, the spokesperson would only add that “Chrysler does not comment on future product plans.”

Audi and Toyota were on the fence about what kind of timeline would be possible, while BMW said that mid-2013 is likely. Mercedes-Benz and GM said that things would happen in 12 months or less, with GM citing Chevrolet in particular as the first application.

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7 Comments on “Apple, OEMs, Not On The Same Page With Siri...”

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    SIRI is absolutely TERRIBLE for voice dialing. It has to send information to Apple first (via internet) and then the answers return. This takes far longer than the iPhone’s main voice dialing/ voice command system which is processed on board. I used to use voice dialing all the time on my iPhone4, but, I almost completely stopped using it on my 4S.

    I saw the idea of a “SIRI button” on Autoblog. It’s stupid, but, I do think car manufacturers could include a user defineable “I” (information) button and then leave it to Google and Apple to decide how to implement it into their firmware. Afterall, all the new cars have Enhanced data rate bluetooth. An “I” button could be used to ask for “gas stations”, “service centers”, etc.

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    No surprise – Apple has been notoriously difficult to work with for most car companies. I love their products but they seem to think the car is an iPhone accessory.

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    The inability of certain, or any, OEMs to comment on this may be limited by NDA, or agreement in which Apple gets the rights to announce the intent to, and the status of, implementation of automotive Siri.

    Chrysler’s statement is far from a denial, and much closer to an attempt at misdirection…

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    Yay more things to break.

    Service manager “What seems to be wrong with your car today?”

    Customer “When I say I want to go to the orange county courthouse, it tries to direct me to the bathroom at the local fruit seller.”

    Or think of someone with a strong accent of any sort. This to me is just stupid and unnecessary additions to a vehicle that can also break. The acronym KISS exists for a reason. /sigh

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    You can say a lot of things about apple, one thing is for sure, they make stuff that works and simple to use.
    When I got my 2011 Mazda3, I was so excited to use Bluetooth audio with my Motorola Droid x, music with no cords, but, the phone itself was a little stupid, it would play Pandora at the same time as music stored on my phone, you will have to manually kill the music app because it starts automatically as soon as it detects I’m in the car.
    Then, I got my iphone 4S, a world of difference, whatever was played last, Pandora or music, would continue whenever I’m getting into the car, also, using navigation from my phone would lower the music every time verbal instructions are played, then the music goes back to normal volume, brilliant, so easy to use.
    And, siri works via the car microphone and speakers, you can listen and reply to text using the buttons on the steering wheel.

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    Byron Hurd

    “Hey guys, remember when Steve was still hands-on with our desktop programs, and he’d come in and set some wildly inaccurate end date for a project we didn’t quite fully understand the scope of?”


    “I guess that sorta worked, right? Let’s do THAT!”

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