By on May 29, 2012

Following the product-centric interview Marchionne gave to Automobile (which is still not available online), Sergio Marchionne revealed even more Chrysler/Fiat product plans at a media event last week.

The announcements are all good news; an SRT version of the Dodge Dart is well on its way, with Automotive News quoting Sergio as saying “The only thing we’re fighting over now is to determine how big an engine we stick in it.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, Marchionne said that the Jeep Compass and Patriot will stay in production through August 2014. The Compass will be replaced (apparently a number of alternative vehicles are being considered) while nothing was said about the Patriot. With the focus on Jeep as a “global brand” the most obvious alternative seems to be the Alfa-based crossover, dubbed the “Jeepster”, which can be sold across the globe.

On the alternative fuel front, Chrysler is working on CNG powered cars, as well as hybrids. These cars should roll out by 2017, though no details were announced about specifics. The Ram CNG will arrive this year. A Fiat 500 EV will also be introduced, mainly as a compliance car for California. Marchionne was adamant in the Automobile interview that he “wasn’t afraid” of EVs but he will also not go ahead with large-scale EV production because it can’t be done profitably.

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9 Comments on “Sergio Marchionne Confirms SRT Dart, Signs Compass Death Warrant...”

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    I doubt many tears will be shed for the Compass…
    A SRT Dart sounds rather tasty…it’ll be interesting to see what they put under the hood.

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    I thought the SRT Dart was something of a forgone conclusion. Not that I’m disappointed, though. I’d like to be able to drive one at some point. Hopefully they don’t make it as boy-racerish as the Neon SRT…

    Not real surprised about the Compass, though. I thought it too, was a forgone conclusion of it’s imminent demise.

    What I was surprised is that it made it to a second series at all. With all of the overlap between the Liberty, Patriot and the Compass, it would have died in the last round of product planning.

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    Failure to bring the real Panda to the US will turn out to be a mistake. Of course, they will never even admit it to themselves.

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    Glad Compass will be gone. Had one a few years back as a rental – it was a horrible vehicle all around.

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    I like how they got rid of the stupid chipmunk cheeks by tacking on the Cherokee headlights. Now it looks like a Compass with tacked on Cherokee headlights.

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    The old Compass will be replaced with a new Dart based Compass, bet the ranch on it. They have a rendering of it on Allpar under 2014 models.

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    Felis Concolor

    Let me restate that in proper MOPAR-speak. “The only thing we’re fighting over now is to determine how big an engine will fit in it.”

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    If they drop the Patriot name, certain cable channels will go bananas!

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    Methinks the Automobile interview may be this one:

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