By on May 3, 2012

Nissan sent a blow to the automotive press today, with the announcement that none of the upcoming limited production Juke-R crossovers would be allocated for long-term testing.

Tom Barnard of Nissan GB made a brief announcement via Twitter stating

“Just announced that we’re going to put the Juke R into limited production. No, we won’t be doing long termers. Or company cars.”

The announcement was felt across the automotive media industry, with journalists issuing last-ditch attempts at persuading Nissan to lend them a Juke-R. Some even resorted to effusive, sycophantic praise in a desperate attempt to establish enthusiast credibility by professing undying love for the pointless engineering exercise.

An anonymous observer noted that producing the Juke-R isn’t particularly “courageous”, since it counts as a mere marketing exercise using existing components to create a halo vehicle. The same observer also noted the vitriolic hate for the car’s design and packaging when it first debuted in 2010, despite the fact that it’s a great vehicle. Auto journalists have strangely suspended their irrational group-think hatred of crossovers when reporting on the Juke-R, despite the fact that it looks sillier than the standard Juke and may in fact be more of a rolling nerd magnet than Nissan’s GT-R sports coupe.

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12 Comments on “Nissan Horrifies Automotive Media With Lack Of Juke-R Long-Term Testers...”

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    It’s nuts that this is going into production at all…but I shouldn’t be surprised after the Murano CC.

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Sounds like reverse psychology. Tell an auto journalist he can’t have something and he writes about it even more.

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      If I were a writer, the only thing I’d write about the Juke is how looking at it makes me want to do things that rythme with it’s name, like puke.

      Also, $50,000 crossover convertible? Really?

      Seriously, driving through a Nissan dealership’s parking lot, I can only spot a few truely decent cars. The 370z comes to mind (if you only want to last a lap and a half at a track, anyway), the Maxima is gorgeous, and the Rogue serves it’s purpose while having at least half a dozen properly good competitors that would be more appropriate to buy than it.

      The Sentra, Cube, Juke, Murano (any varient), Quest (new and old) and most if not all of their SUV’s make me wonder a single word: “why?”

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    It seems unlikely for the Juke-R to ever make it to the US, based on the few press articles on irrelevant subjects such as this.

    Given how few GT-R’s have sold, I can probably count on one hand how many of these nasty Jukes will sell, especially if the price is the same or more than the GT-R which at least is a proper race car (if not a horrid soulless appliance of one that looks like it was styled with a hatchet).

    Still, it’s fun to watch the automotive journos get in line to press their lips against Nissan’s butt to get one of these misshapen blobs.

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    wow, a pig with a rocket back strap.

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    I don’t care about anyone’s busted metrics on aesthetics, purpose, or space usage.

    Go ahead, put a mutant drivetrain in an awkward wrapper. Fly that freak flag. Viva Juke-R.

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    I really want to test drive the Juke R. Such a weird car, I love that they are making it.

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    I’m horrified that they’re going to even make these things.

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    Now, to stick the knife in C/D, MT, R&T, Automobile, AW, et al, Consumer Reports should buy one at sticker.

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    I’d buy one.

    I don’t get all the hate over the styling. Sure, it looks like the bastard love-child of the Frog Prince and Quasimodo, but it does have its charms.

    Who cares about long-term testing? The only appropriate venue for testing would be a one-hour flog on the racetrack and that’s it. Anything longer than a day in something so irrelevant to the mass market is pointless…

    “After our one week test, we can safely say that the cupholders work, the fuel economy is abysmal and it’s not bad for picking up chicks.”


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    Juke R vs G65 AMG: Stupid SUV Shootout of the Century!

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