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Class Counsel are correct in asserting that Peters’ demand for access to the fruits of discovery as actually a thinly disguised effort to use the discovered material to assist Peters in ‘begin[ning] a cottage industry of representing consumers or selling her $15 CD to them’.

Whoa, that’s a convoluted sentence, courtesy of the judge who mediated the settlement in the Honda Civic Hybrid class-action case. However, it more or less reflects the sentiments of the appeals court which just ruled Honda’s appeal of the $9,867 small-claims settlement granted to attorney and Civic owner Heather Peters. What does it mean? Click the jump for a helpful graphic.

And here it is, although it might take a moment to load:

That’s right. Ms. Peters is, as they say in the courtroom of the street, “ass out”. Jacob Brown’s coverage of the trial verges dangerously close to actual journalism and will thoroughly reward any time you take to read it.

For the tl;dr crowd, Peters is the guy shooting the basketball and the appeals court is Gumby. They reversed the small-claims decision and sent a strong message to anyone else thinking about suing Honda over HCH mileage. Face it: if you can’t win kooky lawsuits in California (not that this lawsuit is kooky, don’t sue us, okay?) you can’t win them anywhere.


I tell thee truly, herald,
I know not if the day be ours or no;
For yet a many of your horsemen peer
And gallop o’er the field.


The day is yours.


Praised be God, and not our strength, for it!
What is this castle call’d that stands hard by?


They call it Agincourt.


Then call we this the field of Agincourt,
Fought on the day of Crispin Crispianus.

Agincourt it is, Ms. Peters.

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9 Comments on “Honda Victrix: The Appeals Court Drains Heather Peters’ Batteries...”

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    I always thought of Honda’s IMA as a stopgap solution developed in response to the original Prius, intended to stick around until a better system could be developed. However, Honda never improved IMA much.

    Someone else yesterday mentioned that Honda likes to do things its own way a little too much.

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    Thank God.


    Now go buy a Passat TDI.

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      “Now go buy a Passat TDI.”

      I think that Peters should go buy herself a bike. If she doesn’t like the mileage, she can go sue herself and leave the automotive industry out of it.

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    The kooky lawsuits claim isn’t true. English libel law is kooky on a scale unknown to man, but perhaps not to Sonny the Cuckoo Bird.

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    The justice was done, but the net sum for the society was negative in the end: the factual result is the wealth transfer towards the lawer carteil. That is an insoluble problem.

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    If the legal extortionists want a slam dunk case, that Serra Honda ad is crying out for a class action from other Honda dealers for tasteless brand defacement.

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    And Peters in Cali now a-bed
    Shall think herself accursed she was not here,
    And hold her manhood(!) cheap whilst any speaks
    That fought with Honda on Saint Crispin’s day.

    Once more into the car, Dumb Cow!

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    I got between 33-36 mpg on the ’09 Civic Hybrid I just rid of no matter how I drove it. That’s not terrible, but hardly worth the extra cost for the hybrid. Luckily, it was leased and I got a great lease rate on it back in ’09. I’m glad I tried a hybrid, but once was enough for now.

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