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Exports have been mentioned before as a way to help improve Opel’s precarious near-term fortunes, and now one of Germany’s state-level Prime Ministers is throwing his support behind the export plan.

Hesse PM Volker Bouffier told Just-Auto that he, like the labor unions, would like to see Opel cars exported to other markets.

“I also advocate for Opel to sell cars worldwide – I do not see any reasons why the disposal should be restricted,”

As Bertel discussed yesterday, Opel’s efforts in China has amounted to little, and their successful forays have been into small markets like Israel and Turkey. Australia, Latin America and the Middle East have been cited as potential markets, as well as North Africa. But Australia already has Holden, and elsewhere, Chevrolet products are selling well in markets – like Latin America- where affordable vehicles are more popular than premium cars.

The main actor with some common sense appears to be PM Bouffier. Regarding the demands of the labor unions, who are looking to keep all the plants open, he also qualified his export statements by telling reporters

“Even though I take the concerns of the workforce very seriously, politics can only set the frame conditions for our economy.”

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3 Comments on “German State PM Tells Opel “Go West, Young Man!”...”

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    Certainly Opel’s engineering is exported world wide, but the viability of manufacturing relatively inexpensive cars in high wage Germany is another matter.

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    Seán Moloney

    Australia might have Holden, but Holden’s products have taken a nose dive in recent years when GM shifted from Opel sourced cars to Daewoo. Opel is set to enter the Australian market in the second half of this year. GM is using them to fill the gap (as small as it is) left by Saab.

    Opel’s cars actually have a good sales record here, though they were sold as Holdens. The Astra was one of the most popular small cars sold in Australia during the time that they were sold here. Though much of the car buying public here wouldn’t be unaware that the Astra was never actually a Holden, or the Vectra for that matter. Actually I’m pretty sure that not many Australians know that Holden is an American owned company. So I guess the real question is, if it doesn’t wear the “Aussie pride” Holden badge, will it still sell?

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    Didnt Saab already try that! Sometimes the Caddies, Buicks, Chevies? dont cut it.

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