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Ford’s Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1, which is responsible for building their popular Ecoboost V6, as well as the naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 used in the F-Series and Mustang, is adding a third shift to keep up with demand. But the extra 250 jobs will largely come from the Cleveland Engine Plant No. 2, which is being shuttered this week.

It’s unfortunate that no net jobs are being added in the move, but the flipside is that production isn’t moving to Mexico or elsewhere, like so many other companies have chosen to do. The F-150 Ecoboost in particular has been a smash hit, and Ford is adding another shift at their Kansas City plant to meet demand for the F-150.

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24 Comments on “Ford Adding Third Shift At Cleveland Plant, Workers From Closed Plant Filling Spots...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    At least those jobs are staying in this country…

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    I love my 3.7. If the factory was closer, I’d bring them cookies.

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      I’ve yet to drive the 3.7 F-150, but I adore the Ecoboost version. Having driven the 5.0 and now the 6.2, I can’t see why I wouldn’t opt for it.

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      That 3.7L is a lot of fun in the truck.

      The 6.2L has an awesome sound, and it would be my personal pick if I was a rich guy. However, it uses lots of gas, is difficult/expensive to get on the 1/2 ton and is slower than the EB-equipped trucks.

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      since both Ford and Mazda were tied together during what I think was the 3.7 developing years, are they the same engine?
      I wasn’t impressed with it in the MKS, and long ago traded up to the ecoboost which now has 45K on it.
      Is this 3.7 in the MKS the same as the Mustang? They have very different reviews so I am thinking they took different approaches somewhere along the line.

      Not even sure IF the Mazda 3.7 comes off the same production line or is built somewhere else.

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        yet it gets raves in the CX9…Go figure.

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        The Duratec 37 is just a bored out Duratec 35, which is a Ford in-house design.  The 35 debuted in the ’07 Edge and MKX.  The 37 debuted in the Mazda CX-9, and Mazda builds their engines in Japan with slight modifications, primarily a different intake runner set up. 

        The 35 and 37 originally had variable cam timing on intake only.   For the Mustang and F-150 versions the 37 gained variable intake and exhaust timing (ti-vct in Ford speak) which allowed the HP boost to 305.   For 2011 the 35 also gained ti-vct to jump to 285hp in the Edge and 290 in the Explorer.   For 2013 the 37 in the MKS and MKT get ti-vct for 305hp ratings. 

        The EcoBoost 3.5 is still intake variable cam only in every application but the F-150 where it gets ti-vct, which is part of the reason the F-150 EcoBoost has a major torque advantage over the car based 3.5 while not giving up any horsepower.  From what I’ve heard the plan is to move the ti-vct engine into the rest of the lineup soon, most likely with a different tune that will bump HP to around the 400 mark. 

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    TTAC is so biased against Mexican workers!

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    Great news!

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    I wonder how many shifts they’re running for the F-150 at Dearborn Truck. More F-150s are built in Michigan than any other car or truck.

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    Amazing how many people Ford duped into getting this high-strung, overly complicated and EXPENSIVE engine…all on the basis of “fuel economy”……….when in the real world, it gets slightly WORSE mileage than the the evil 8 cylinder 5.0 (because Ford thinks all V8s are evil…thus why we need EcoBoost to save the polar bears and rain forest).

    Great marketing Ford…….you fooled a lot of people.

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    Does Ford have any plans in the works for the No. 2 plant, perhaps an eventual retooling for a different engine?

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    I love the naturally aspirated 3.7 V6 in my Mustang, but all this talk about how good the EcoBoost V6 is makes me wonder if I’d like that more… Well still, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d like the 5.0 Coyote the most.

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    I’m glad you told me that was a picture of a motor. All i see are some pulleys, what looks to a throttle body and some sort of pipe thingy. Its sad but motors are no longer mechanical pieces of art.

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