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Yesterday, we brought you the bad news about European auto sales in April. You are a gearhead, you don’t care about market share and percentiles, you care about cars! Here is how cars fared in Europe in April. Are you safely buckled-up?

Europe’s Top 10 Models, April 2012
Make & Model Apr ’12 Apr ’11 YoY YtD ’12 YtD ’11 YoY
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 37,151 42,492 -12.60% 159,773 166,083 -3.80%
FORD FIESTA 25,927 28,444 -8.80% 117,108 130,305 -10.10%
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 24,193 31,476 -23.10% 111,615 125,529 -11.10%
RENAULT CLIO 20,604 22,336 -7.80% 86,946 111,359 -21.90%
OPEL/VAUXHALL CORSA 20,338 24,357 -16.50% 93,838 108,713 -13.70%
OPEL/VAUXHALL ASTRA 20,019 24,445 -18.10% 84,129 104,356 -19.40%
FORD FOCUS 19,677 21,008 -6.30% 94,547 92,679 2.00%
FIAT PANDA 17,268 16,724 3.30% 65,516 72,280 -9.40%
BMW SERIES 3 17,171 14,707 16.80% 53,928 53,001 1.70%
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 16,863 22,315 -24.40% 72,379 75,842 -4.60%

It’s a carnage in Europe’s Top Ten, brought to you by JATO Dynamics. Forget about the EU market tanking by 6.9 percent. If your name is Martin Winterkorn and your bread and butter models were euro-trashed by the double digits, then your white hair will turn a little whiter.

The performance of Opel’s supposed volume models also is no reason for joy. Ford’s offerings hang in there with the overall market.

As we get into the summer months, this is likely to get worse. Keep those belts on.


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