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This being metro Detroit, you’d think that weekly car meets would be thick on the ground. But, perhaps because I spend too much time attached to a computer, I’m not aware of one in the northwest suburbs. So I was quite happy to trip across the inaugural event of the “Copper Canyon Classics” on Saturday morning at the Copper Canyon restaurant in Southfield, MI.

Today’s event was largely composed of local Lamborghini, NSX, Jaguar, and Thunderbird clubs, but other makes were present and even my lowly Protege5 was welcome. The NSX group included a husband and wife (with a manual orange car and a blue automatic one) and a black car with a huge turbo in what used to be the trunk (good for nearly 600 wheel horsepower in its current tune, and nearly 1,000 with a few software tweaks; the transmission is the weak link). Boost reportedly arrives north of 5,000 rpm. Best listening: the Lamborghinis.

The restaurant, which sponsored the event, provided a $12 breakfast through lunch buffet (go back as many times as you’d like). A raffle was held to benefit a Sri Lankan children’s charity. Winners got to ride shotgun in one of the Diablos, the boosted NSX, or the Exige. Didn’t win, but still want a ride? Just make a donation to the charity.

The plan is to have the meet every Saturday going forward, starting at 10 AM and lasting “all day.” They had a good turnout for an initial event, and as word spreads it should only get better.

Not in the Detroit area, but want to attend an event like this, to see some interesting cars and actually meet other enthusiasts in the real world? There’s probably one near where you live. If you know of a good one, post about it in the comments. Don’t be like me. Use your computer (or phone) to find a meet–then get away from the keyboard for a while.

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6 Comments on “Copper Canyon Classics...”

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    Thanks for the report and the great photos. The picture of the orange NSX really pops on my monitor!

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    Michael, the NSX with the big turbo was at the Eyes On Design show last Father’s Day. I recognized the plumbing.

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    Hey Michael, come on up to Tawas sometime this summer. They have old car shows all the time here. They close off the main street downtown and it’s open to anyone with an interesting car.

    I’d love to show you around!


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      I’ve lived in Michigan since 1996, yet somehow haven’t yet adopted the local custom of heading “up north” at every available opportunity. I probably should! Can you email me some contact info?

      One upcoming event down here: a rep was on hand at Copper Canyon to let everyone know about Lingenfelter’s open house on June 1st from 10AM to 6PM. Apparently they have quite a collection of cars, and it’s not often open to the public.

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    The Volvo is pretty cool, and I’m sure the Jags are nice though not my thing.

    Did anyone in the Lambo club have anything remotely interesting like an Espada?

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    Check out Cars, Karts, Coffee.

    First Saturday of the month at Kart 2 Kart in Sterling Heights. Last month was a very solid showing, and there are Kart rides for $12.00. There is a facebook group under Cars, Karts, Coffee Detroit (it may be Cars, Coffee, Karts). . .

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