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Tomorrow will kick off the start of our new video series; TTAC Track Days with Jack Baruth. Our first vehicle will be a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track model.

Now that TTAC has access to a top-notch video crew (thanks to our parent company, VerticalScope) we’ve decided to take advantage of our relationship with a local track day organizer, and Toronto Motorsports Park. TMP is used to accommodating video crews, and Jack’s proximity to Toronto, combined with his experience on track made it a no-brainer.

Myself, Jack and the video crew will be out today filming the car. You can check our Facebook page for live shots, but you may have to sit tight for the actual video. If everyone makes it out alive, we’ll be doing lots more.

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11 Comments on “Announcing Our New Video Series: TTAC Track Days With Jack Baruth...”

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    So will it be JB in the right seat instructing you? :)

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    Athos Nobile

    F@#$%^&*&^%$$ing cool!

    Alrighty… where’s the video?

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    Vance Torino

    252 miles from Powell, Ohio is proximity? Only in internet car blog terms!

    Still, was surprised to learn that the “Toronto Motorsports Park” is near Lake ERIE, 118km from Toronto. Just keep Jack away from the firewater at the Six Nations Reservation…

    Looking forward to it!

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    So JB is going to drive like the Stig except (we think) we know who he is already?

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    Suggest you consider inviting TTAC subscribers to join in the fun – even just to watch.
    Though perhaps I’m one of the few within 1hr of TMP ;)

    I’d love to see Jack behind the wheel of my 335i for comparison!

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    You’re such a tease…

    True shame you can’t get the GT with a manual. That’s the only trim I would have wanted when I was car shopping last year. I love the curves on the 2013’s though. Beautiful cars.

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    What I’d love to see–video of a driver doing it wrong compared to a video of the same car with a driver doing it right.

    I already know I won’t ever be driving any bad-ass cars out there, so getting a review of how they behave is just okay compared to examples of how to drive them.

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      The Genny is certainly affordable– is it just not practical for you?

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        “Affordable” can mean different things. I have too long a list of higher-priority projects that don’t leave room for owning anything except the “practical.” (But maybe things will change when the mid-life crisis hits.)

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    You guys gotta give more warning before these events…I might have taken a *sick* day just to drop by and see the action. Weather was perfect for a nice drive/ride down from TO to Cayuga!

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    jack, i’m curious what you think about the shifter

    i had a pretty hard time with it, especially the 3rd-2nd downshift. the shape is pretty awkward, as well.

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