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You would have to travel far to shoot (bad boy as you are) a Bali tiger. Germany’s Auto, Motor und Sport Magazin did not have to travel further than the Golfanlage Schloss Nippenburg to shoot themselves a Macan. Macan is Indonesian for tiger, better known as the name for Porsche’s upcoming SUVlet.

What AMS found here, only superficially camouflaged, will be available in 2013. The Porsche Macan, built in Leipzig, will use the platform of the Audi Q5/Q4. To keep price and exhilaration down, Porsche will use Audi mills in the Macan. To provide some rationale for the higher price, the Macan motors are said to be beefier than those of its Audi alter ego.

Starting price of the Macan in Germany is expected to be around €40,000 ($51,0000). According to AMS, the Macan „looks like a baby-Cayenne.“

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17 Comments on “AMS Catches Macan In The Buff...”

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    are we sure this is actually a Porsche prototype and not some joker putting salvage yard badges on his Hyundai Santa Fe? I can’t tell, but we should probably pull Sajeev in here to make a final call. Can’t risk letting anyone but an expert make the call, this one is close enough that amybe we should pull out the electron microscope.

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    Richard Chen

    “Grandpa! tell us that old story again!”

    “What, when Porsches had just two doors?”

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    Part of me hates this from a purist perspective: it’s not a sports car, etc. But part of me is like “hey this is almost a Porsche station wagon” which is a hilariously cool concept.

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    Looks hella VAG

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    I thought Porsche said last week they don’t want to dilute the brand.

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    Tried the Q5. I was not impressed. It completely failed to outshine much cheaper competition.

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    By “beefier” they probably mean “The Porsche version will have 5 more hp and stiffer suspension”.

    APaGttH says it best though, an entry level car would goof Porsche yet soccer mom SUVs are okay?

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      And here is the thing that I think is really sad, and shows how off the mark Porsche is.

      Toyota is building the FR-S and selling it for $25.5K (after delivery) in the US market. Why, oh why, can’t Porsche build for say $35K a similar vehicle that addresses the short comings of the FR-S. Specifically providing more overall power and especially more low end power, more neutral balance, and although sticking with the this is a purist car interior, near luxury materials on the inside that say, German built baby. If you want navigation in the dashboard, fine, make it a $3,000 option for those who want it. You want it to match your wife’s favorite lipstick, sure make that a $7.5K custom paint option. But for $35K entry build a pure, back to Porsche’s roots, RWD front engine scream machine. Say 275 HP, weigh in around 2,950 pounds (giving some added weight over the FR-S to provision that higher end interior). Heck, they don’t even have to give it a back seat, just a parcel shelf.

      Provision for a roll cage (like the FR-S), single zone climate control, rear defroster, cruise control, power windows, locks, mirrors, power driver seat, a good stereo with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, sport guages, leatherette perforated heated seats that lock you in place, and, well, shoot what else do you need?

      An affordable track car (hopefully with an engine that won’t grenade after 10K miles), or a blast to drive sport-near luxury commuter that you can take to the auto cross course.

      I see that as an entry level Porsche that doesn’t dilute the brand and that they couldn’t build fast enough – and I believe digging through the parts bin a $35K price point could be achieved. With 275 HP, a curb weight of 2950 pounds, adding 150 pounds for a driver, and 32 pounds for 5 gallons of gasoline, you’ll get a 0 to 60 time around 5.2 seconds.

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        Because that makes far too much ‘effin sense. That’s why. Instead they would rather re-body VW station wagons and sell them for twice as much as VW does. An actual fun, almost affordable, sports car wouldn’t be that profitable. A modern 944 is so-logical the idiots at VW, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, SEAT, Porsche, Škoda, Scania can’t see that. Basically, they are a German GM.

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        The 924 rides again…

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    So what exactly is this Macan, a slightly modified and more expensive Audi Q5?

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    wow, it looks EXACTLY like a 3/4 scale cayenne. I never would have imagined.. oh, wait.. *looks at Audi showroom*

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    Porsche is headed for an epic failure, probably by 2016. When will we see their version of a kei car?

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    This is just far too much money to pay for a compact luxury SUV.

    Moreover, while it is understandable that these sport brands need volume sellers to survive, Porsche’s bloodline is so diluted that it seems to me as plebeian as anything else on the road. The 911 represents only a small segment of its sales when suburban mothers are buying up Cayennes like there’s no tomorrow. That said, I’m sure the Stuttguardians will have no trouble finding a large group of dunderheaded, well-to-do individuals willing to part with that much money for a relatively-underwhelming and overpriced vehicle…

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