By on April 14, 2012

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6 Comments on “Video Of The Day: To Protect And To Serve Edition...”

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    Caption: “When the end of the month comes, and you’re short on your quota, anything can happen!”

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    I’m aware that in most third world countries the police often collect fines on the spot to supplement their income – but I have no sympathy for this bus driver.

    Were there passengers on this bus? If so did they play a role in getting this idiot to stop the bus?

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    This won’t happened if vietnamese cops are allow to carry pistols.

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    If this happened in the US, the bus company would sue for damages to its vehicle’s wipers.

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    This police officer is NOT sworn to “protect and serve” the citizens of Vietnam. He is sworn to protect the totalitarian government he serves. And petty intrusions on people’s freedom of movement – “show me your papers” – is an effective way to keep the populace under control.
    I’ve got no sympathy for the police – in a police state.

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