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Today, record March new car sales will be announced. We will keep our eyes on the numbers throughout the day, come back for details. The so far best numbers were released by Chrysler. Chrysler reports U.S. sales of 163,381 units, a 34 percent increase compared with sales in March 2011. According to Chrysler, these are “the group’s best monthly sales in four years.”

Best performing brand in Chrysler’s stable is Fiat. At least percentage-wise. Says Chrysler:

“The FIAT brand led the charge with a 642 percent year-over-year increase, setting a monthly sales record. The brand bested its previous high established in February. The brand’s Fiat 500, with its Italian design and city-friendly functionality, was launched in the U.S. in March last year.”

Such wit!

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24 Comments on “Chrylser Celebrates Best Month In Four Years. FIAT Leads The Charge...”

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    –642 percent year-over-year increase–

    Compared to what? Oh – compared with yourself.

    Yeah – your butt is burning on the dance floor, isn’t it?

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    Lies, damn lies, and statistics…..

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    The Abarth tattoo on the model’s neck in that ad… gives me the creeps.

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    Let the Chrysler/Fiat hater-aid begin.

    While I question the statistic of a 642% increase (stats can be made to tell any side of a story), I AM encouraged that Chrysler (and Fiat) are seeing better sales. You’d think folks would like seeing them make a bounce back…yeah, they still have some room for improvement, but I’d not mind an Abarth (or Charger SXT…I know…pretty divergent car tastes there!) in my driveway if I was in a position to buy.

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    I just want to see the Dart, which will give some meaning to sales growth statistics.

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    Marchione said he hoped to sell 50,000 Fiats in the first year. in the past 12 months, national sales averaged 3 to 4,000 cars a month. Do the math.
    Mini Coopers, meanwhile, are selling 900 cars a month total national sales. Every Abarth our local dealer can get his hands on – 10 cars so far – is sold. It’s the same story across the nation. Want an Abarth? Get in line. Better yet, instead of terminally mouthing off adolescent platitudes, go drive one.

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    Fiat sold 3712 500’s in March 2012, therefore they sold 578 the previous March.

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    I don’t know if this ad and tatoo girl has much to do with the latest sales boom as it’s been out for how long already? OTOH, Charlie Sheen’s “House Arrest” ad has just come out a month ago… you got my point.

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    I wonder how many Fiats sold in March were Abarths.

    And I wonder what Fiat sales will be like once every geek who’s been waiting for the Abarth has his.

    Still, I hope Fiat succeeds. More models, please. Of both kinds :)

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      I don’t think Fiat has “sold” any Abarths yet, as they’re not even at dealerships yet. I do believe they are taking pre-orders. It would be interesting to see how many advance orders there are.

      Interestingly, I saw two 500s on the road this morning here in Huntsville and they weren’t rental cars. Since we (finally) have a dealership closer than 90+ miles away, I hope to see more of them here.

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    Fiat shouldn’t have used stand alone dealerships in the first place. Using existing Chrysler Co. dealers would have given them 2 things. A wider dealer network with 30 times more dealerships. 2: gets new buyers into Chrysler showrooms who would have never considered Chrysler or Dodge before. This was if gas prices and 500 sales fall along with it, the dealerships wouldn’t be affected much. They will sell more Ram’s when times are good and more 500’s and Dart’s when times are bad.

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      I agree! Chrysler would have sold a lot more 500s if they had placed them on Chrysler and Jeep showroom floors! I think though, that Marchione’s choice had something to do with anticipated supply. 500s are very popular around the world.
      I look at the scenario the other way ’round, however. Daddy comes into the Jeep or Chrysler showroom to lease a new car for him and Mom and he spots the perfect car for Daddy’s little girl (or Junior) who’s heading for college, and it’s sitting right over there by the window.

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        “500s are very popular around the world.”

        Yeah, I know that to be true. I have seen them everywhere in Europe, not just Italy and the south of France. Portugal, Spain, the Benelux countries, Germany and a ton of them in London and Glasgow (Spadeadam).

        The 500 is not popular in my neck of the woods because it is too small for the wide-open spaces of the Southwest, but I thought they would have been more popular in large metropolises like NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles, CA.

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    It is shocking, SHOCKING that Chrysler/Fiat’s press flacks would manipulate statistics to present their sales figures in the best possible light.

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    What did I read:
    ‘geeks’ buying the 500……
    I now everyone is entitled to their opinion…but I can thing of a a lot of cars that would fit this category,but not the 500!
    you must have meant ‘Greeks’
    But then again they probably love the 500.
    Maybe you meant:’Geek Squad’..but they drive Beetles..
    or maybe your full of……
    never mind..who cares

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