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The 2013 Cadillac XTS will start at $44,995 when it goes on sale later this spring. While three trim levels have been confirmed for the car, only the base price has been revealed. No word on how much the tech-laden Platinum edition will retail for. Cadillac’s CUE infotainment system will be standard, but all-wheel drive will be an option across the board.

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11 Comments on “2013 Cadillac XTS Starts At $44,995...”

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    This is how you do a proper luxury car.

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    “This is how you do a proper luxury car.”


    For any car over $30,000, I feel Navigation systems should be standard. I feel the only tacck on options should be for better seats (i.e: Recaros), a more powerful engine (i.e: V-series) or a rear seat package/ entertainment option.

    This car should come with the 3.6L V6 STANDARD – and the way I see it, considering where gas prices are, unless they can fit a 550HP engine into this car and make it AWD (similar to the work Chrysler did with the Jeep SRT8) , there’s really no reason to offer more than one engine.

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      Last I heard the 3.6 V6 will be the only engine in this car … but arguably it should be the base engine in all of Cadillac’s line-up.

      The 3.6 V6 is the freaking base engine on the outgoing Impala why is it an optional anywhere in the Cadillac line-up?

      Still $45K base price seems like a lot given its front-wheel drive Impala origins.

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      I have to disagree with you on the Nav system. For any car (over $30k or not), gaudy LCD screens that look out-of-date even before the car arrives on the showroom floor should be optional. Many old people never venture to unknown areas, so have no need for Nav systems. Please bring back direct, single-purpose controls with mechanical feedback.

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        The in-dash LCD wouldn’t look so bad if automakers would stop cheaping out so much and put as much money into the system as goes into, say, an iPad. When you try to drive the radio, nav, climate control, and who knows what else from a $2 SoC that’s got less power than a Nintendo DS, of course it’s going to be embarrassingly bad.

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      Navigation systems should only be standard if they can be incorporated in such a way that an aftermarket unit can be installed when the factory one craps out.

      Same with radios.

      Of course this will never happen.

      Otherwise, navigation should be always an option.

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        Will never happen? It did happen, for decades. DIN 75490/ISO 7736; a standard size for car audio head units. You had either 180×50 mm or the double-size 180x100mm (which frequently held a single-height unit and an ashtray or cubbyhole or whatever).

        And then in the early naughties, carmakers decided the standard rectangle was too boring or whatever and started doing their own thing, and every car had a dashboard that would only fit the OEM radio, and now the DIN head unit is all but dead.

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        Wasn’t one of the motivations for integrating the sound system that every darned car with a “fancy” head unit ended up with it’s windows smashed in, so that the fancy $3000 unit could find it’s way to a ghetto beater? At least now, if you do break in and rip the $7500 Mark Levinson system out of a Lexus, the only people you can expect to sell it to, are other Lexus drivers.

        Similar concerns may well keep automakers from simply including an Ipad/AndroidPad holder, and letting that unit handle the user interface.

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    @ aristurtle

    Yes, I know that in the past DIN existed……

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    Is the XTS the replacement for the STS?

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