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The Jeep was the first American car made in China through a joint venture. Somewhere along the way, Jeep lost it. Jeep is trying to get its moxie back with the “Dragon” design concept.It is based on a China-market Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, black with bronze-gold details. 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with 35-inch off-road tires.

Chinese dragon character side badge and wheel center caps.

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8 Comments on “2012 Beijing Auto Show: What A Dragon...”

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    “Chinese dragon character side badge and wheel center caps.”

    I think it looks more like Buster Keaton dancing a jig.

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    “Chinese dragon character side badge and wheel center caps.”

    Well, they certainly know half their sales are to frat boys, don’t they?

    “Check it out bro! It matches my tattoo! Gnar!”

    Aside from that, I think Jeep’s issue in general is that the world has moved on. People want more ride quality and handling than solid front axles can deliver, more MPGs than 35in. BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires can deliver, and more acceleration than a V6 can deliver when pushing that type of drivetrain and tire around.

    There’s a reason the new Grand Cherokee was so well received. It was designed to be what people want right now. I love Jeeps heritage, but its heritage is not what people want in a daily driver in the Year of Our Lord 2012.

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      I am pretty sure the Jeep dealership by me sells every Wrangler for pretty close to MSRP. And I rarely see too many incentives on them. So I don’t think as many people have moved on as you think.

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        It’s a popular vehicle with the right demographic. I’m not denying that.

        What I’m arguing is that demographic is small and getting smaller. I would know. I’m part of it.

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    Firestorm 500

    It’s a Jeep.

    You wouldn’t understand.

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    Jeep Wranglers sell damn well in the USA and the resale value on them is pretty good.

    And in China where many of the roads can be called primitive at best. The Jeep will be in demand in many areas. And it will appeal to the showoff mentality that is prevalent here in China.

    As Firestorm says.. I don’t think you get it. /shrug

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      I get the idea that this may be a vehicle made for the Chinese market. That’s forward thinking, which I’ll give to jeep, but I question what the price is going to be and how much of China will be able to afford it in the next ~5 years

      “Selling damn well” is a suspect claim at best. ~100,000 units year puts it in the same lofty category as…the dying compact pickup segment? I dunno. It’s certainly not in Camcord/Civolla/Filverado 150 territory.

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