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So they finally took the wraps off the long anticipated and already much hated Urus, the SUV concept from Lamborghini.

Volkswagen’s token Italian, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, says that Urus is the “ancestor of today’s fighting bull.”  Wikipedia says it’s an aurochs. An anonymous contributor helpfully added today that it is an SUV from Lamborghini.

Winkelmann is the perfect Lamborghini CEO: Born in Berlin, schooled in Rome, a reserve lieutenant of the German army, speaks English with an Italian accent. He is also Volkswagen’s best looking and best dressed CEO. Not that he has much competition there.

Winkelmann calls the Urus “fast, strong, courageous, in one word – invincible.”

The car is 1.66 meters low, has a high ground clearance, which is adjustable.

Carbon fiber helps reduce the weight of the car by 100kg.

According to Winkelmann, 600hp offer “stunning acceleration.” Of course, the bull is “best in class in CO2 emissions.”

This car is not released to production yet, but Winkelmann knows that it will sell worldwide “an average of 3,000 times.” Whatever that may mean.

The crowd loves the aurochs. However the crowd is from China and as such also digs style aberrations like a melange of Greek, Baroque and Arabian Nights. Or steamed toads.

Winkelmann basks in the admiration.

I think there will be a production model next year when the auto show goes to Shanghai.

I am trying to gauge reaction. I do not have time for many man on the street interviews. Instead, I ask an expert, a Lamborghini product specialist: “Do you think this will be a hit elsewhere than in China?”

She does not mince words.

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18 Comments on “2012 Beijing Auto Show: Lamborghini Unveils 600 hp Aurochs...”

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    I’m an outback type of guy. I’ll take the Aventador, a perfect match for getting around in Beijing traffic.

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    So what’s the point of this? You going to hook up your trailer and haul your family to the lake at 120mph?

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    Great writeup (and photos) Bertel.

    Why is Lamborghini doing an SUV? I thought part of the reason for VW group having so many brands was for them to focus on their own areas (Bentley – expensive luxury sedans, Lambo – supercars etc). The luxury SUv market (from VW alone) will be saturated with Lambo, Audi, Bentley and Porsche all competing (against each other).

    At least Chrysler group seem to be embracing brands and just letting Jeep do SUV’s (with Durango the sole exception and from reports likely to be Grand Wagoner in future), Chrysler – cars, Ram – trucks etc.

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    great outlook on the model, form follows function kind of thing, the style, the profile, even the exacerbated hair-throw move. surprised though that they couldn’t get her a better fitting bra that would accent rather than depress.

    here’s hoping that all news from china are as good. next week we should get back to cars, however.

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      Ah, the classic old Indicator Of Insecurity.

      If you see a girl whipping her hair around like she’s in an 80s shampoo commercial, it almost certainly means:


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    What in God’s name is the purpose of this fugly vehicle? Piech has gone mad. SUV’s at Porsche, SUV’s at Audi. Now Lamborghini?

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      No CEO is going to leave money on the table. Way back in the ’90s, when Ford and GM re-packaged their workaday SUVs into luxury vehicles, I said “EWW! Nobody’s going to buy that! Who’s going to buy a tarted up Expedition/Yukon?!???”

      The years have proven me wrong.

      Now, Lamborghini is building a vehicle for the rich person who still wants sporty snob appeal AND doesn’t want family members to perform yoga to get into the car, all while hauling the trailer at 120 mph as fredtal said.

      I see no mass rejection of this vehicle in the world’s markets. I am somewhat surprised that Lamborghini didn’t offer the vehicle in the U.S. first.

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    Robert Gordon

    A car named after an extinct cow…..nice.

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    Just what the world needs, another Chelsea tractor.

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    Babel fish translates ‘angry catfish’ to ‘Pesce gatto arrabbiato’. I vote for a renaming.

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    Incredibly ugly. Can’t find a single angle from which it looks good.

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    This makes me long for the 4-door Estoque. That before THIS.

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    The car is awful but the model pulling the cover off has a rockin’ behind.

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    Well I guess more accurately it should be a Tōng Zhōu tractor.

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