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As we go through and attempt to identify the clocks in my junkyard-derived collection, our last NTCC challenger came from a 1987 Saab 900 Turbo. Today’s clock was also made by VDO, but it didn’t come from a Saab. This call will be tough, because plenty of cars got timepieces very similar to this one over the years. Make your guess as to the year/make/model, then make the jump to see how geeked-out a car-trivia expert you are.

1985 Porsche 944

Sorry, I didn’t shoot the junkyard car that donated this clock, so I used a shot of a rescued-from-a-junkyard LeMons 944. I’ve seen this type of VDO clock in quite a few German cars from the late 1970s through early 1990s, but (as far as I know) only 944s got the clocks with yellow hands and numbers. Does it work? Of course!

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10 Comments on “Name That Car Clock: 2″ VDO Analog With Yellow Numbers...”

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    1980 VW Dasher? I vaguely remember one of those in my dad’s old Diesel.

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    My friends dad had an immaculate black daily driver 944 s2 that he bought new and took better care of than himself. It was a dark day when a suburban driver with a cellphone addiction totaled the car a couple years back.

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    Good to know! I’ve never been in a 944 somehow, so beyond mid-1980s and German I wasn’t sure. I quite like the look of this face, even if it wouldn’t match my gauges as well as the optional Volvo clock would. (From eBay: )

    Looks like wiring it might be a bit of a search-and-splice job, though. Hey, I’ve got plenty of leftover 240 wiring…

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    I would say it came from a 924 / 924S / early 944. It looks just like the clock in my ’83 944.

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    Was the yellow color on the instruments an extra cost option from Porsche?

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      Actually, you had to pay extra if you wanted any gauge markings at all…

      I keed, I keed…

      Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any car other than the pre-‘85.5 944 that had all yellow gauge markings.

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    oldyak can you make this a little better contest???
    Like maybe have readers make a guess b-4 you announce the answer

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