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Daimler Benz will launch a new lighter and more fuel efficient C-Klasse in 2014. Auto Motor und Sport caught a prototype.  The Erlkönig is only slightly camouflaged. Its Blade Runner outfit could not stop the AMS PhotoShop expert from recreating a C Class as it hopefully will appear in showrooms two years from now. See below.

The 2014 C Class promises to be more curvy with a tucked-in derriere. A southern belle that will also be built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,

Built lighter and with better aerodynamics, the new C Class is expected to have a 20 percent better mileage than the current model. For engines, AMS expects a C 220 CDI with 170 hp, a C 250 CDI with 204 hp, and a C 350 with 306hp. Renault will contribute 4 cylinder diesel engines.

From the back, the prototype looks like it had been used by Alabama boys for target practice.

With all the camouflage photoshopped away, this is how AMS thinks the C Class will look when it becomes available in 2014.



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11 Comments on “Introducing The 2014 Mercedes C Class...”

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    Is it just me or does the front end kinda look like a Passat?

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    If they could just do away with the comically oversized horizontal grill and badge. Perhaps they were influenced by their rapacious ownership of Chrysler…

    They also photoshopped away a couple doors :-)

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      Agreed. I really don’t like the “coupé” grills that found entrance into the saloon-lines of Mercedes-Benz. It’s okay for the two-doors, since I prefer saloons ;-) But, really, what makes a Merc a Merc is the small star that you can see while driving.

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    Did you seriously write “Daimler Benz” after being a dick in this article: ?

    Btw, the Daimler AG brand Mercedes-Benz would launch the C-Class. Not wanting to be a dick ;)

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    bumpy ii

    “Built lighter and with better aerodynamics”

    A few more generations of that, and they could dust off the plans for the 190.

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    They imagined a lot with the photoshop, and not just imagining away two doors. From the actual photos, it looks like MB is gonna build a ’93-’97 Nissan Altima. That’s not a bad model for a decent compact.

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      Hildy Johnson

      Agreed. The thick camouflage at the front and the slope of the uncamouflaged part of the hood suggest that the front end is actually fairly low and probably not quite so ostentatious. Or so one hopes.

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    Oh goody! Another Euro car with high beltlines and gunslit windows. Maybe it comes standard with the new “Protect O Field” that warns you of all the hazards you can’t see.

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      What size of gun are you packing? Those are some mighty big slits…

      That sounds all kinds of wrong now that I read it… I’ll just leave it there anyway.

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      I hear you. I thought one of the greatest things of the current MB lineup was that they did not get on the high beltline bandwagon, and visibility was pretty good.

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    The emblem-to-vehicle size ratio is just off the charts with this thing. It even makes the Cadillac Escalade’s pie sized emblems look small.

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