By on March 31, 2012

While attending a preview drive in Charleston, SC, I spied a most unique vehicle parked near a major thoroughfare: a pickup based on a W124 Mercedes-Benz wagon.

Some people still regard the W124 as the best all-around car the company ever made. A quick Internet search will find a few other “Benzaminos,” but this could be the only one based on the W124. Also unlike the others, the intent with this conversion–performed by an independent repair shop that specializes in Mercedes–appears to have been to make the end result look as close to “factory” as possible. No badge on the tailgate, so the powertrain is unclear. If it were a diesel, though, the ad would probably mention this.

A final difference: this one’s currently for sale. $17,000 or best offer takes it.

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6 Comments on “FS: One-of-a-kind Mercedes “Benzamino”...”

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    This will be a Vatican Popemobile with a greenhouse on the bed.

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    I like the idea alot.. as one who never uses the back seat, this is perfect for commuting and hauling bigger items without the fuel penalty of a truck. I wonder why these aren’t (more) popular.

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    A diesel would have the air intake grill on the front right fender.

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    I like it. Looks like the rear window is hinged too.

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    fintail jim

    I’ve owned two W124s – a sedan and a coupe, both with the 3.2 liter M104 in-line six. IMO the best Mercedes-Benz ever built but possibly tied with some of the W126 models. I’ve owned three other Mercedes-Benz since selling the last W124. The decrease in overall “Mercedes-Benzness” is palpable in the newer cars. In some ways it is difficult to explain but in others, such as quality of interior materials, it is obvious.

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    I spotied this car today on Mt. Pisgah just outside of Ashville, NC. I spoke with the owner, the car is 95 E320 and was (according to the owner) built for a retiring Mercedes executive. The build looked clean and even had a wiper for the rear window. I took a couple pictures but have no way to share them in the comments.

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