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The Fiat 500L may be joined by another Fiat product, but the brand’s North American head said that it won’t necessarily resemble the 500 vehicles.

Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, Fiat’s Tim Kuniskis said

“We won’t bring you a commodity car…”Style, for sure, will be No. 1,” Kuniskis said. “Any car we sell has got to be something different.”

Author Mark Phelan notes that while Mini has boxed itself into a corner because of its reliance on brand heritage (i.e. many different variants of the same shape), Fiat has produced a wide variety of vehicles over the years – how about a revived 124, 131 or X-19? Personally, I’d love to see the much praised Panda come over, complete with the TwinAir turbocharged two-cylinder engine. But it ain’t gonna happen.

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22 Comments on “Fiat USA May Expand Lineup Beyond 500L...”

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    Having owned a X 1/9 years ago, I’d personally love to see a redo of the two-seat targa…but that would be such a niche vehicle that I doubt there’d be any business case for bringing it. And with the 500L already coming over, not sure the Panda makes a ton of sense, either…

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    Rental Man

    Hello Fiat. Bring some more cars from the Fiat fleet. Drop them at RAM (Dodge) if you need. Contact Aisin or ZF to see about adding an Automatic to anything you make. Yesterday. A Qubo, Doblo, Punto, & Bravo. Bring the Iveco and Fiat Ducato Vans. While you are at it you can look at the TTAC B&B special – The Fiat Strada light pickup truck. Thanx again.

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    The Panda looks like a potential Kia Soul competitor, if they can price it competitively. My uncle was once on the waiting list for a 500. When it came in, a test drive was enough for him to back out of the deal. Now he has ordered an Abarth. He has immense patience for crummy European cars, as the roads of Rhode Island had him spending more just on windshields for his Mini Cooper S than most spend on car payments but he put up with it for well over 100,000 miles in addition to the usual MC durability issues. He replaced it with a MKVI GTI that will go to my aunt when the Abarth comes. Her Jetta GLI VR6 is being traded in. When he took it to the Fiat dealer for appraisal, they insisted on keeping it and giving him a loaner until his new Abarth comes in because they think it is too dangerous to drive.

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    Fiat dealers will take the 500L, but they don’t want another stinkin’ Fiat model to go with it – they want Alfas!

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    I’d love to see new Strada compact truck make to trip to the U.S.

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      Ford’s out of the market because they’re trying to save the sacred cow F-150’s sales crown for a few more years as gas prices climb a little more each month. Toyota and Nissan have upsized their former compact trucks into “midsize” trucks that get full-size fuel economy and take up nearly as much room in the driveway as a full-size to boot. The Strada could finally break through the constant din of “bigger is better” that has killed the compact truck market by reminding us what we loved about compact trucks in the first place: Good fuel economy for daily driving, with reasonably sporty handling (for a truck) and the ability to haul stuff from Home Depot on the weekends without towing a trailer.

      Show me a Strada that gets 40 mpg (since that’s the “in” number nowadays) and I’ll show you a sales success. If, that is, it proves reliable enough for Americans. Thing about Fiat is they’ve got no dealer support structure. Sell it as a Ram and train your dealer service techs accordingly, and this may not be a concern.

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      The Strada would pick up all the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck (Holden Ute to all you int’l TTAC readers/writers) buyers GM threw away (myself included).

      I’d seriously consider one if it was cheap (priced) enough.

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        Rental Man

        As someone who has been looking at the Strada, GM/Chevy Montana & VW Saveiro with a side of Amorak I hope like all of us have said above, The market for a compact Truck that gets close to 40 MPG, has a decent bed and can haul 1500lb. and tow 2000 Pounds. I don’t understand how the smaller companies that can only benefit from bringing us a new flavor and having the market for itself has not done it yet. There is only one Jeep, yet for years that has been the staple of the SUV category. Can someone please be the 1st to bring us a modern day compact truck? Market the hell out of it and educate the public. Fleet it till it hurts so tradesmen drive it & it is seen by all. As far as i’m concerned it could be Orkin’s new ride. That sould get it noticed.

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        Rental Man

        The only thing i’ve read is that we might get the Doblo van & Pick up in RAM drag. Called the Doblo workup in the UK (Cute) it is not sporty or easy on the eye like a loaded Fiat Strada. It does however bring a decent flatbed to the party and it can handle nearly 3000lb. (I think) MPG seems pretty good.

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      I should add: If Fiat won’t bring the Strada here as a mini-Ram pickup to replace the Dakota for weekend warrior types like myself, then Nissan would quickly earn my money if they’d bring us the NP200 and price it like a Versa.

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        Rental Man

        @ Banger Nissan NP200 = Renault Logan seems very outdated. The GM / Chevy Montana might work. I just think it is also some generations behind the Fiat & VW. We might need to wait for next generation on some of these.
        If these trucks come over and get killed by NHTSA for crashing like a paper bag and CR for reliability we will never see another one for years.

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        Well they would obviously need to do some work on the NP200 to make it appealing to American tastes. I envision a new-age “Hardbody” pickup being made out of this platform. Improve the looks, improve the safety. Keep it simple, cheap, and cheerful just like the old Hardbody trucks used to be. Nissan would sell ’em like gangbusters.

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    We want the Multipla, old…


    or future:

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      I’ll take recent.

      Gotta love the lights and emblem right below the windshield.

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        They chickened out and “normalified” the front at the mid-life facelift:

        The pic is from the WP article, . There are a few more to compare in the German version; just click “Deutsch” in the left-hand border list of languages. From the Italian-language page, an interior pic:

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    Panda would be nice if the real one, with Panda innards. If just Panda-skinned 500, then meh.

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    Um, guys, the 500 IS essentially the Panda, but with a completely different body on it. Both, and the Ford KA, which all share components are built at the same Titchy Poland plant.

    That being said, I’d love to see the Panda come over but it’s likelihood may be nil due to the similar, though bit larger 500L coming instead.

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    Please bring us the Strada.

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    Rental Man

    I keep on forgetting. Not that it would solve any Strada issue. If Ford cannot bring us the Ranger from Australia and Asia what is stopping Mazda from brining sister Mazda BT-50. Mazda has no F-150 sales to worry about. They just need traffic to stop at their product starved dealers.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    A Spyder/Barchetta would be a nice addition to the Fiat line. A 2 seater roadster to compete with Miata but priced way less than a Boxter, TT or SLK.

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