By on February 13, 2012

Where is global warming when we need it? Europe has been hit by a gigantic blizzard, and the Grüne Hölle of the Nürburgring has been converted into the Weisse Hölle. What happens when hell freezes over shows this clip by Spiegel TV.

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8 Comments on “Weisse Hölle: A Cool Video...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan


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    Quite cool. IMHO, all auto racing would be better sport on ice or dirt. Thanks for passing it on, but perhaps you should use your greater grasp of German to explain why this car was out there on the track on a day like that?

    Your first sentence really blows hot air. I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize the difference between local weather and global climate. And between a season and several decades. One storm is like a football play; the climate is a whole season, and one great pass won’t get you to the Super Bowl.

    If you have something intelligent to say about climate science, say it with care and detail. Tell me something useful, or at least something solid enough to critique. But offhand comments on polarizing issues just waste my time and turn me off (unless it’s from the likes of Clarkson or P.J. O’Rourke, who are such generally clever comedians that the laughs are worth the bluster).

    It must be an unwritten law of car writing that you eventually learn to kiss the tailpipe that feeds you. Fine, write an editorial opinion every now and then, and remember — never inhale!

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      Wow, chill out. Anyone can see that it’s a joke.

      As to why he was out there – probably not much different than the rest of us, out having a little fun in the snow.

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      Kevin Jaeger

      The commentary doesn’t say much about why he’s out there in those conditions. Just says he’s showing that you can drift with a formula car, too, though he’s not precisely following the drifting line.

      It’s just a human interest story – we don’t see the track in these conditions very often, and especially not with a car like that on it.

      I think he was just out there having fun,

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    Anyone who has ever owned and driven a Corvair knows they were good in the snow.

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    While drifting on pavement is slow and consumes copious quantities of rubber, it is a fact that it is necessary to drive fast on loose, low friction surfaces such a snow or dirt/gravel. The surface is ejected to the outside of the turn, thus generating a centripetal force vector. This applies whether front, rear, or all wheels are driven.

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    “Where is global warming when we need it? Europe has been hit by a gigantic blizzard, and the Grüne Hölle of the Nürburgring has been converted into the Weisse Hölle.”

    Isn’t that what the computer models predicted would happen in An Inconvenient Truth?

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    You guys are no fun anymore!

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