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12 cylinders. 740 horsepower. 509 lb-ft of torque. A 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. 3,362 lbs. 211 mph top speed. Non CGI-pictures after the car gets its debut next week at the Geneva Auto Show.

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40 Comments on “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta; More Wretched Excess...”

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    Pretty pretty car. Especially from the front 3/4 view. From the rear 3/4 view it looks oddly like a 70’s era Corvette.

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      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

      I say Ferrari hath sinned egregiously, and that this is not only hideous and appalling by Ferrari standards, but by any standards.

      Ferraris could spontaneously combust, break down with alarming regularity, and be as impracticable as an Ariel Atom, for all intensive purposes, as a daily driver, but they had grace, style, elegance, and a ferocity of purpose, representing carnal automotive purity, from substance to form.

      My heart weeps. This form is that a scarlet letter.

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        I thought about my response, and it’s too late to edit it (time limited).

        I don’t like this exterior, obviously.

        But the more I glare at it, the more I realize it’s the little details, and not one giant mistake, that uglifies it.

        Well, there is a bigger mistake than the others, relatively speaking, and that is the bizarrely shaped scalloped sides.

        If you look at the vehicle from the side, it hints at Corvette Z06, but shorter.

        The rear is the least offensive, but least creative aspect.

        The front is a mistake, from the shape of the headlights to the size of the (now common, unfortunately) gaping fish mouth grille, and capping it off with the ridiculous hood scoop (that serves no purpose, and is extraneous; very un-Ferrari like).

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    Reminds me of a snake with braces…

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    540 HP? Is this a special TTAC version detuned by 190 HP? Guess that’s why it can only reach 201 instead of the official 211 MPH…

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    That car is not very good looking. The FF was quite outrageous but still manages to look sculpted, the surfaces here are extremely busy and unattractive. Seems like an unfortunate case of product differentiation for the sake of it.

    I can tell they were trying to insert a Formula 1 cue with that low-mounted brake light, but all I can see is a Brazilian bikini wax.

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    Speed Spaniel

    The proportions and surfacing on this machine are just stunning.

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    I kinda like it. Unmistakebly a Ferrari. I think the reason it “mindF*&s” me is the mixture of design characteristics. Very phallic proportions, but somehow mixed in with feminine curves and especially that almost NSFW rear end. It’s not male, it’s not female, it’s a combination. So basically, it looks like the physical representation of SEX to me.

    And if you drive up in a car that invokes such a reaction, be sure the action will follow. Especially if said car costs what it does…

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    It looks fine. It goes fast. But any Ferrari other than the 458 Italia just seems like a poseur-mobile to me. I know that I’m being a dick, but the 458 does it all for me.

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    Is that rear end supposed to remind us of a baboon presenting?

    I’m not sure what I think of this car. I’ll never be able to afford to buy something similar, nor feed it, but it’s…interesting; it looks better than most Lamborghinis to me.

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    Bigger grin than a Mazda 3!

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    I am glad that Ferrari once again has a new worthy toy for the pampered sons of Russian oligarchs and Persian Gulf oil tycoons.

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    I like that they got the weight that low. Don’t like the anime-monster grill. But I’m not exactly the target audience, seeing as I’m unlikely to ever own any Ferrari newer than a 550 Maranello even if I do make it into that financial weight class, so whatever.

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    Lovely car. I’m mostly interested in how the C7 will compare. Ferrari, as ever, has set the bar very high.

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    Topgear’s Saab tribute… “This man likes Audi’s. This man drives a Ferrari… this person likes the bus.” The guy they found in the lineup for the Ferrari would look at home in this thing.

    Curious though. If the 458’s flexi nose wings and the 599’s flying buttresses were such good ideas, why they didn’t make it to this car.

    However 3,3362 lbs is not a bad achievement… depending on what they left off the car when they weighed it.

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    I like that i’s almost as light as the 458, I don’t like that it looks a bit overdesigned.

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    Shame they dropped the flying buttresses. Those were a gorgeous feature.

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    The front view is ridiculous. The side has that stupid BMW gouge. The rear looks like it’s wearing a diaper. A shark has been jumped.

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    Gag me with a spoon. Horrible. The 458 is attractive but all their other cars have lost their mojo.

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    I like this better when it was in my Pokeball.

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    i swear people are saying this looks “good” because it has a “ferrari” logo – this thing is just god awful! the cut the entire side section off of a jaguar XK120 and glued it onto the side of a modern car(backwards mind you), what in the hell are they thinking??? i mean, the 2 prevailing body lines of this car are a firm, crisp, straight line just below the belt line then this big wavy ass backwards XK120 bullshit stacked on top of it – they are 2 completely opposing styles, they do not work with each other!!! UGH
    that absolute absurdness of ferraris designs since the enzo came out just blows my mind. i really believe they are trying to see how much they can get away with before people stop saying “it’s gorgeous!!!” just because it’s a ferrari.[/rant]

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      Nope: Your idea could too easily be turned into something much BETTER-looking than the snake-with-braces, so that can’t have been what they used. :-)

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    I like that line that goes up over the front wheel, sharply down by the door and then curves up and over the back wheel. Very fluid. There is just a hint of Alpha 8C in it to.

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    What is the point of this car? It looks awesome, but I think that after a few hours I’d be as thrilled about driving this car as I am about the SL600 AMG, C63 AMG, or 911 Turbo. Plus, it’s much less convenient.

    Give me a stick-shift and mid-engined Ferrari that runs well on every-day public roads–that is something very special that I can enjoy every day. Is there no more room for mouth-watering-hot mid engine coupe that you can drive every day on public roads? Until then, I’m sticking with my $48k Cayman S. At that price, I’m not as worried about how often I scrape the excessive font overhang when pulling out of the Safeway parking lot. (Hey, a man needs to eat! And this is my only car.)

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    Bello .

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    Darkhorse, are you really Moon Zappa?

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    The front end definitely is on the busy side but I do like the proportions from other angles. My experience with other modern Ferrairs (599, 612, FF, California) is that they don’t photograph well but are much better looking in person. the 458 Italia is definitely the exception to that rule, as its gorgeous in pictures and painfully -because- my- jaw -drops-and-hits-the -floor-stunning in person. Still, the numbers on this car are fantastic. I’m glad to see Ferrari getting the weight of their 12 cylinder models down. The question will be how does it sound. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the 550, 575, 612, and non GTO 599 sounded. They didn’t sound bad, but didn’t have that traditional Ferrari scream. The FF and 599 GT0 remind me more of how the old GT1 class 550 and 575’s sounded, and the 458 Italia is definitely the best sounding V8 car since the 355.

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    I think it’s hot.

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