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From Bloomberg’s intellectual property news, February 15, 2012:

Daimler AG (DAI)‘s Chrysler unit’s Super Bowl advertisement featuring Clint Eastwood was temporarily taken down from Google Inc. (GOOG)‘s YouTube video-sharing service Feb. 13 following an infringement claim from the National Football League, the Baltimore Sun reported.

YouTube told the Sun it removed the video after receiving an infringement notice from either a copyright owner or a third- party agency acting for the owner.

The league told the Sun it hadn’t filed the claim and that it asked Google to put the ad back up again immediately.


P.S.: The article was corrected after this story appeared.

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18 Comments on “Bloomberg: Daimler Still Owning Chrysler...”

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    Good catch! Somebodies at Bloomberg obviously don’t read the news.

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    Enough with the bashing of other media outlets, please! While I understand and (mostly) appreciate posts about uncovering corruption in the auto journalism world, pointing out every auto-related mistake that is made on the web is making this site seem like it has a superiority complex. I know I am not the only one of your readers who feels this way.

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      Please don’t count me among “readers who feel this way.”

      Perhaps it’s because I try not to take things too seriously, or perhaps I have an odd sense of humor, but I found this post to be amusing.

      We “motorheads” are a relatively rare breed – with a keen attention to details – so some (if not many) among us who will get a chuckle from this. After all, we’re talking not one, but TWO owners ago…THREE, if you count the U.S. government (although they were more of a “trustee” than an “owner.”)

      So Bertel, thanks for posting this. I needed a grin on my face this morning…

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      Sadly, we live in a time where the doctrine of “verifyability, not truth” ( ) turns any printed nonsense into facts. We will continue pointing out egregious mistakes. It is unfortunate that speaking out is seen as “bashing.”

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      So far it looks like you are the only one – or if not, at least you’re way outvoted. Don’t want any calling out and/or trolling of other news outlets? Autoblog might be a better choice.

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      I liked it too. It’s a nice little superiority upper to read this kid of stuff. Kind of like when someone misquotes the Simpsons or something. Not a long upper, nor particularly satisfying, but nice anyway.

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      Well, I have to put a vote in for CdnExPat’s comment. While this particular piece is not too bad an example, I too am getting tired of the “bashing” posts.

      I say this not from any moralistic standpoint just from the fact that I find them dull and boring.

      Seriously, I came to TTAC during the Toyota unintended acceleration fiasco and was impressed by the detailed analyses of that issue. I became a regular reader but the standard of the articles has been dropping over time and too many of them are miles away from “The Truth About Cars”.

      There is a lot of GM bashing on here, citing their arrogance….in my view this site is becoming arrogant too and, like GM, may well get it’s comeuppance if it doesn’t sort itself out soon.

      Either that or it will just pander to the lowest common denominator and cease to have any real meaning to intelligent people.

      Just saying….

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    Roberto Esponja

    Wish I could insert the “Get a grip! Morans” meme here…:-P

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    It made me laugh, so I’m glad TTAC informed me. For a moment, I thought maybe the Germans had taken over again. New / old slogan for Mercedes: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US

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    I normally wouldn’t care about such an error but it is HUGELY EGREGIOUS. Chrysler is owned by Chrysler and has been since the bailouts. I find it ironic that Bloomberg still let this slip through.

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