By on February 20, 2012

Chinese authorities are so sensitive about  self immolation that live events are sent with a time delay – if someone sets himself on fire, there is always time to cut to commercial.  No such sensitivities if a Ferrari FF decides to end its life in flames.

Last Saturday, a new Ferrari FF cruised down Shanghai World Expo Avenue in Shanghai when flames suddenly appeared under the car. The driver got out unhurt, but after the Shanghai PD had arrived and doused the flames, the car was a $842.000 writeoff. That’s how much a  Ferrari FF costs in China after customs and taxes.

The incident promptly fanned the flames on the Internet, as documented by Carnewschina. Chinese commentators remind us that Ferrari had to recall its 458 Italia because of tendencies towards flaming. This, however, was the first case of spontaneous combustion involving a Ferrari FF. As the speculation on the Chinese interwebs goes, if you drive an FF for a long time at slow speed, materials in the car can overheat and catch fire.  Ferrari says the investigation is ongoing.

Until the true cause of the fire has been determined, we recommend to drive a Ferrari FF very, very fast.

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