M35h interior, picture courtesy Michael Karesh

M35h interior, picture courtesy Michael Karesh

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  • -Nate: I like it but wildly over priced ~ this is just a decent old car with a _ghastly_ re spray and some gloss...
  • Sigivald: If I lived in Prince George or Fort St. John I wouldn’t want a 4×2 either.
  • Vulpine: When you’re getting to the point to where you’ll settle for the best available, yes, I was...
  • Sigivald: Sure they do. If you go to your local *fleet* dealer. (See post above; there are at least two F150 XL 4x4s...
  • speedlaw: Nope, just different markets, with different laws. Some companies like Mazda, BMW or Mercedes get this, and...

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