By on January 3, 2012

Our friends at Carnewschina always keep an eye on the latest developments when it comes to bling in China. Today, they bring you a chrome covered  Buick Regal. The car in question is owned by a member of the of the Beijing Buick Regal club. Yes, they have a Buick Regal club.

The scintillating specimen is based on the Regal GS, newly launched in China last September. The standard GS is powered by a 2.0 turbo with 220hp. After some chiptuning, the car is now good for 260hp. Or so they say. More pictures here. We advise protective eyewear before perusing the link.

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8 Comments on “News From The Bling Dynasty: Shining In China...”

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    Wouldn’t want to own it, but I love it.

    Too bad it’s not real chrome. That would really be something.

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      Yup, not real chrome. Here’s a company that I’ve done business with that sells trick chrome-look paint and plastic chrome film.

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    Bleh, another over the top Chinese blinged out car. At least it’s not as bad as the Swarovsky crystal covered Mini Clubman I saw last week.

    I really need to start taking pictures of all the tacky mods that I see here in Shanghai. Some of them are really bad. And some with the bad translations are just hilarious.

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    Secret Hi5

    And I thought the Oregon Ducks helmets were blinding . . .

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    So in China the Regal GS is basically the USA’s Regal Turbo (210 hp turbo DI) It doesn’t have the USA’s Regal GS “Fangs” or the 270 hp engine?

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      Pretty much, your average Chinese person doesn’t really understand horsepower or anything else like that. All they really understand is how expensive the car is.

      Many buy the most expensive one just because it costs more, they don’t buy for pleasure or need. It’s bragging rights, mine cost $$$$$$ and yours only cost $$$.

      Again I’m talking average consumer here, there are plenty of knowledgeable Chinese too, but the percentage of them isn’t very high.

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